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I have been waiting a long time for something like this, thanks! Two minor comments, the home button, in an old Saints theme, was the Superdome, that would be sweet in this version. Also, for some reason, the little + tab is no longer present after install, is it possible to bring that back? Otherwise I am very impressed.


Hi Benny,\r\nI\'m glad you like the theme. I originally tried to mimic the old theme by placing the superdome for the home key, but unfortunately it looked crammed and not much like the dome at all. I\'ll look into it again when I have some spare time, which might be a while, but I\'m always looking for ways to improve it. As for the \"+\" tab, I\'m not sure what you are referring to. Is it the tab all the way to the right of the tabs? I turned that into an upside-down fleur de lis...not sure if that\'s what you are referring to or not.\r\n\r\nLet me know though or if there is anything else. Always looking to make it a better theme!\r\n\r\n-alex