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Win7 x32.Warning: WARN addons.updates: Error: Missing updates property for urn:mozilla:extension:newoldmenu@rsjtdrjgfuzkfg.comSource File: resource://gre/modules/AddonUpdateChecker.jsmLine: 472Warning: WARN addons.xpi: Failed to remove temporary file R:\Temp\tmp-q6b.xpi: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED) [nsILocalFile.remove]" nsresult: "0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED)" location: "JS frame :: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm :: AI_removeTemporaryFile :: line 5228" data: no]Source File: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsmLine: 5228

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Could you try it again? Maybe the issue is related with the way a AddOn is installed. For testing purposes I installed a test version of New Old Menu that explicitly supports 4.2a1pre into a Minefield without internet connection. I included 4.2a1pre into official compartible versions, so it might work now (maybe you need to hit the update button or uninstall - restart - reinstall). Maybe there are nighty tester AddOns you have to have installed in order to get it to work without me changing the official compartibility list?!
Let me know if that fixed the issue.