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  • hey man cool add-on but doesn't work with firefox 32 i am getting XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location..Can you fix this?..Thanks

  • It is useful, for me to be perfect the home page should be some speed dial or even better visual images of the bookmarks toolbar (that is pretty the same).

    However, very good.

  • Por fin, por fin. Una pestaña que se adapta a tu forma de ver los marcadores, de gestionar las descargas... y todo en la misma pestaña, con su menú de accesos.Fantástica. Útil. Genial. Sencillo.

  • it would be nice if i could change the url where home points. currently it can only load the old favorite sites speed dial interface
    it would be also nice if you are able to select which places you want to show in the bottom ribbon and which to hide, and organise them by drag and drop or similar
    maybe too much, but it would be nice that you can redirect everything that you open from context menus and browser, and that is supported by this page, to open in the page instead. just an idea, you could make it optional

    having all these things in a newtab page, especially the beatiful settings screen is really nice. excellent addon but could use more customization options. 5 stars for the idea.

    works with firefox 22.