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  • A great extension. It was very comfortable, really. It's a shame I can't use it after updating my firefox. I really hope you guys would make a new compatible version, many people would love it.
  • I really liked it .... I hope you will make new versions
  • There is a new version of this plug-in which is compatible with FF3. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9706
  • I couldn't try it because i'm on ff3 but I like the idea and hope it will be a version for ff3. Thanks.
  • its hard to keep a sleek, minimalist theme going with fifty random icons for sites you want to check out later cluttering up precious toolbar space... but i know if i put links in folders right away i'd completely forget about them. every day i'd have to collect all the links and email them to myself, or just delete them and get rid of the visual distraction they caused. now i don't have to choose between a clean theme and what's worth saving to check out later.

    thanks for posting the FF3 link ken, thats just what i came here looking for.
  • Please make an option to place it on the right side as well.
    And top/bottom placement would be great too.
  • Please make an option to place it on the right side as well.
    And top/bottom placement would be great too.
  • Hey Netscape Link Pad fans!
    Firefox 3 compatible!
  • I upgraded my FF to 3.0 and didn't remember to save the links I had on this linkpad. Is there any way to retrieve those, maybe they are still saved in a file somewhere?
  • Love this addon. Downside it's only for firefox 2. I'll try if I can get it online for firefox 3.
  • It works fine in FF3!!
    James is right, but you don't need any special software to change de XPI.
    Just open the XPI like a ZIP file and change the "install.rdf" file inside to support version 3.*. If you save right and take it to firefox 3, it will work fine!
  • It seems to work OK with FF3 if you "spoof" the max version:

    (1) Install 7-zip (7-zip.org) and syn (syn.sf.net)
    (2) Download the Link Pad xpi installer
    (3) Open the xpi with 7-zip
    (4) Inside the xpi, open manifest.rdf with syn.
    (5) In the Firefox section, change the max version from 2.0.0.* to 3.*
    (6) Save & close. When prompted allow 7-zip to update the archive.
    (7) Drop & drop the modified xpi file into Firefox to install it.
  • This was a good extension that will probably no longer be updated. Note it came from Netscape.

    If you want this functionality I suggest getting the Flock browser (http://www.flock.com) which has (and many other nice features) built in. Flock also handles *many* Firefox extensions.
  • I want this for Firefox 3... Please Update it!!!
  • please update!
  • Very useful! Please upgrade it for FF3. :)
  • I can't update to FF3 until they fix this extension and the stupid combined back/forward button. This extension should be part of the included functionality in FF.
  • I love this. Please update it for FF3!
  • Still no official FF3 version? :(.

    Out of my 60 extensions, this is the only one that has note made the jump.

    Perhaps if we mail the developer and show him our love for this extension it may speed up the process?
  • It's sure Netscape Link Pad on Firefox3 does work, that's sure, .But disturbing 'add to bookmarks' operation. That means it needs proper update, which i'm waiting for.
  • Guys, here is a workaround untill a proper version is released for Firefox 3

    0.Download netscape_link_pad-1.2-fx.xpi file
    1.Open .xpi file with 7Zip (WinZip, WinRARm etc.)
    2.Extract "install.rdf"
    3.Open "install.rdf" in notepad
    4.Edit 2.0.0.* to 3.0.*
    5.Save file
    6.Place new file into .xpi file and overwrite the old file (i.e. repack the .xpi)
    7.install new .xpi file into firefox
    8.Have fun untill a proper version is out :)
  • I have been in contact with the author of this extension, and although he said he can not give a timeline yet, he does plan on updating Link Pad for FF3. I am very excited, as it is the last of the extensions on my list that hasn't made the jump yet.
  • Yes, it needs a FF3 update. Unsorted Bookmarks is not quite the same - this one is better - it can delete links automatically!

    A suggestion: have links deleted after x days of inactivity.

  • Forgot to add...you can also emulate the button in this extension by "customize"ing the toolbars and adding the "bookmarks" button...then pressing this button will open the bookmarks in the sidebar so you can access your "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder the same as this extension...
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