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  • Merci - Thank you !!!
  • Excelente plugging de uso diario. Muy útil y funcional. Recomendable.
  • I've never encountered the issues mentioned by previous reviewer 'Anonymous user 2eb8bd'.
    No slowdown here, never has any been as far as I can remember, including latest Firefox 59.0.3 (x64) / Windows 7 (x64).

    My hesitation to use this 'Netcraft Anti-Phishing' extension is all in the fact such extensions (those which don't rely on local databases) contact their data servers on every page visited by the user. This hesitation is seriously leveraged by what I know of the extension's developer and, when it comes to Netcraft, I, we know the company is not a tracker : whatever, wherever you search on the Web, the company is noted positively. Yet I dislike -- even for my good -- knowing that everywhere I go (Web included) is echoed somewhere... over the rainbow :=)

    Beyond my psychology remains this : the extension is efficient, it is fast, it is honest. Hence 5 stars.
  • 1) The extension DRASTICALLY slows down browsing,

    2) Trying to solve the problem by disabling its filtering functionalities (Block phishing sites, Block XSS attacks, Warn about suspicious sites) and using the extension exclusively for quickly viewing SITE REPORTs - i. e. running it in a 'Standby mode' - does not work, since after browser relaunch all of the filtering is again reset to ON.

    3) In Mozilla FIREFOX (unlike Google CHROME) it even reactivates itself after being deactivated! Thus it must be uninstalled (without waiting for bug fixation).
  • A nice feature would be a color change of the icon (green-orange-red)

    imho "Best of its Class" (= relevant infos)
    Since FF Quantum UX=0 (infos are visible only when icon clicked)
  • Though I'd much rather see an icon variant for Firefox like the Google Chrome Extension.
    I'd give it 5 stars then.
  • всё работает на 100% только хотелось бы НА РУССКОМ!!!!
  • Good: The tool bar is big for the screen at the beginning. Now get use of its. I like the Risk Rating having with green and red color. It is easy to describe and teach my 9 years old kid on which site is good and bad for daily surf the web, safely.
  • Bardzo wartościowy dodatek. Bardzo dużo stron http próbuje przechwycić nasze dane. Pomagajmy ich przeciwnikom i korzystajmy z efektów ich pracy
  • Shows sites ranks and age correct but useless against fishing due to today’s CDN- cloud hosting. For example Facebook show different country depending where you are. Netcraft support is unresponsive. Used be ok years ago. May slow down browsing as it sends url of every site you visit to netcraft.
  • What the add-on brings is excellent, the way it brings it is bothering : toolbar could be replaced with a click-button as it is in Chrome, feasible, I don't understand why Netcraft doesn't change this. Nevertheless ...

    There is -- this is what I do -- a workaround : using another add-on, Buttonizer, tell Buttonizer to take care of 'Netcraft Toolbar' (as it may handle whatever toolbar). This enables one button (that of Buttonizer) to display a floating 'Netcraft Toolbar'. Works fine. Buttonizer is available here and is compatible with at least Firefox 24 (I'm with Firefox 24 ESR, that is Pale Moon 24.6.2).
  • The toolbar provdes useful information, but it behaves like a monolith. The code should be updated to match the configurability of the standard FF toolbars; Ideally up to the ability to simply embed individual components into another bar and do a way with the separate bar altogether.

    A useful feature might also be to make the Risk Rating have a popup of *why* the rating was assinged, instead of just referring to the overly-generic FAQ.
  • The usefullness of this toolbar is hindered by the amount of browser space it takes up and the amount of space it wastes. IT IS JUST TOO BIG! There is no reason to take three lines to give
    one line of information-what's the point? They should allow the user to scale it vertically and horizontally or make it more space efficient themselves. Until they do, a lot of people won't bother using it.
  • While tehre is no solution to keeping all phishing sites in check this addon helps keep users out of phishing sites.

    It dosn't seam to work with IPv6.
  • I like this tool bar, I have found it reliable & easy to use. It is a little bulky so I only use when I need it, the rest of the time I remove it from my desktop using view toolbars.
  • Super toolbar polecam wszystkim chroni przed pishingiem a przedewszystkim nas ostrzega
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