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  • I need nepali font in my facebook.

  • d'Sts

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  • फायरफक्स ४.० को लागि अपडेट गरौं न साथी...

  • malai gulaf ko phool dherai man parchha

  • Mali yo man paryo. Aba kasaiko sahayata bina nai ma sudhasudhhi check garna paune bhanye

  • Great work!!
    can't wait to see working for FF3.5

  • Thanks Jwalanta, for bringing the Nepali language to Firefox. The dictionary is really useful and saves me from having to type Nepali text in a text processor. One more reason for me not to leave Firefox.

    Hats off to you for bringing out this highly useful tool !!


  • wow it really works :D ... gr8 work yar neplai dictionary rocks !

  • मदन पुरस्कारको कार्य सर्हानिय छ, सफलताको कामना

  • Nice tool for omnitypeUser like me. beside that thanks for saving me from minor mistakes I always commit. I hope more extensive version of dictionary will be out soon.

  • I thank Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, Foss Group and the Jwalanta for the effort so that i can see this addon

  • Really useful add-on for the people like me who write in Nepali language.

  • This is very good tool for people like me who use Nepali language. It's easy to use and I haven't found anything to dislike it. Thanks for this add-on. Waiting it to get approved so that everyone using Nepali language can add it to their Firefox.

  • Very useful. Waiting for updated.