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  • Great extension that does (almost) exactly what I need.

    I would love to use this every day, but there is one thing that prevents me from doing that. I have multiple bookmarks from the same site, and this extension always "auto download" icons for the bookmarks. This results in the the same icon being used for almost all my bookmarks which is annoying. I would prefer if there were an option that allowed you to disable automatically downloading icons
    Please write me an email to info@nellitab.io with examples if possible, then i try to fix it. =)
  • Awesome
  • Thanks for good "Speed Dial" without sync with unknown servers and any privacy dangers. Its really simple for use and pretty addon.

    Unfortunately, it does not show anything in the download section. I use the Multithreaded Download Manager addon, but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, since all of its downloads are also displayed in the standard firefox download tool.

    I also think you deserve to be a recommended extension. Try writing Mozilla with this sentence by providing the source code.
    Thx for the feedback.

    I'm sorry, currently the download API is a bit limited for Web extensions that's why NelliTab shows only downloads from current session and not all downloads as shown in own Download Manager. Issue has been already reported years ago to Mozilla that downloads from past sessions should be returned as well (https://bugzil.la/1255507).

    Same code works great already in Chrome. That's why is it worth to write a workaround (e.g. remembering items in local storage of NelliTab) or just to wait until this issue has been fixed by Mozilla... I will check it to implement it in next release.

    Mozilla has already the "clean" source code of each release... The extension is just for fun, I hope somebody at Mozilla will appreciate it someday by self. ;-)
  • Simply the best and frankly the only usable Speed Dial add-on for Firefox that actually utilizes your bookmarks, feels lightweight enough, and looks nice and not out of place with the rest of the browser's UI. Made switching from Vivaldi easier... hope to see this become more popular. Great job!
  • Awesome addon that was exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for your time in creating this, Thomas. I didn't want to rate it any less that 5 stars, but I did find one small bug that maybe you can fix easily. In Firefox 67.0.4 if you bookmark about:profiles or about:performance it will cause NelliTab to crash and not show any bookmarks at all. If the about:profiles or about:performance bookmarks are deleted through the normal bookmark manager, NtelliTab will once again show all the bookmarks normally. Cheers!

    Edit: Latest update works perfect within the restrictions of Firefox. For anyone reading this, it took the author less than a day to respond and fix this bug. Many thanks and I wish you great success.
    Hi, thx for your feedback. I will write a fix asap.

    Update: Should be fixed in 2019.13.754. But please note in Firefox an extension cannot open such internal URLs. Chrome does not have such limitation. Thats why e.g. the right sidebar in Chrome has much more (internal) links for quick access than in Firefox.
  • Long-awaited solution that does Speed Dial good and with style, like (even better...) in Opera.
  • Fantastic addon! Very good that it uses the native bookmark folders as its "data source", so that bookmarks and folders are easily synced between computers. The only additional thing I would want is a way of synchronizing custom icons between multiple computers.
  • A great extension. Some feature need to be reworked (folders for exemple) but it is an awesome extension.
    Thx for the feedback! Please could you write me an email to info@nellitab.io and let me know your ideas/problems e.g. for the folders etc? BR Thomas
  • Changing backgrounds automatically on day/night schedule would be great...
    I will add simple dynamic / time-shifting wallpapers in next release.

    Update: Added in 2019.10.
  • Great work. Can we have more rows than 1 for the Top Sites session?
    Thx for the feedback!

    NelliTab first release was for Chrome and the API returns only 10 Top Sites and since first release and making it compatible to Firefox i never improved it or checked if the limitation exists in Firefox too. I will put it on my TODO list to check if it can have more than one row.

    Update: New options "Rows" for top sites is now available in 2019.5.
  • Great extension, just need to be improved and enriched enough.
    Well, I installed it and used happily for few days. Than I started to experiment with color settings and suddenly everything disappeared and at add-ons page where settings of NelliTab should be only little circle is spinning indicating extension is trying to do something but it can't complete and everything is blocked, so even reset button is not accessible.
    For now sadly I have to say bye-bye to NelliTab and wait for solution/improvement.
    I use Firefox 66.0b3.
    I am sorry, that NelliTab is not working anymore.

    Please note in Firefox 66 Beta there is e.g. a regex parsing bug in main configuration file which causes the issue you described above, that most extensions marked as "invalid" and already installed extension do not work anymore. I had the same issue with my Firefox Developer Edition.


    I can only recommend to not use any Beta version.

    But of course i cannot eliminate that you hit another bug in NelliTab, but if the bug occurs in Firefox Stable as well please let me know, i try to fix it asap.
  • Thank's! This is the best solution for visual bookmarks!

    Needs more interactive: Make, rename and drag groups and bookmarks in the general window. Pls!
  • Классный плагин визуальных закладок.
    Он позволил быстро перейти с Фаст Диал при обновлении ФФ выше 56 версии. Указываешь корневую папку и все :)
    Из пожеланий:
    *Сделать скриншоты страниц сайтов в иконках закладок как у Фаст Диала. Легче воспринимаются визуально.
    *Сделать открытие закладки в новой вкладке (опционально вкл-выкл).

    Cool visual bookmarks plugin.
    He allowed a quick switch from the Fast Dial when updating FF above version 56. You specify the root folder and that's it :)
    From wishes:
    * Make screenshots of site pages in bookmark icons like the Fast Dial. Easier perceived visually.
    * Make the opening of a bookmark in a new tab (optional on-off).
    Thanks a lot.

    Added a new option "Default link target" in 2019.2.
  • Exactly what i was looking for. A speed dial light and simple with icons instead of snapshots (like safari speed dial). You can choose whatever icons you want. A lot of options, no "pro" version or "lite" version just one simple free version. Very beautiful and customizable. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Keine Einstellung lässt sich verändern. Verlässt ohne Einstellungsänderung das Einstellungsmenü. Schade, die Idee ist gut aber funzt bei mir leider nicht.
    War der Welcome-Screen noch geöffnet funktionierte die Einstellungsseite leider nicht, sorry. Fehler ist behoben in 2019.1.

    (Options page on new tab page was broken if welcome screen was not closed, sorry. Issue has been fixed in 2019.1.)
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