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  • Doesn't work for those facebook links to sites....
  • Useful and can customize.
  • Great idea for an add on, but unfortunately it's broken for use with google because of problems with domain-specific blocking. There have been tickets open since mid-2018, but there doesn't seem to be any interest or progress in fixing them.

    PS - Sorry if my review seems harsh, but given how dominant Google is (and given how aggressive they are with tracking) shouldn't the information page mention that it doesn't work with Google? Just seems like a prudent thing to do to help people with basic "surfing safety." Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your efforts on the tool, and it looks like it could be very handy, but I was pretty unhappy when I thought it was performing an important privacy protection function it wasn't.
    Don't be so harsh. It's voluntary development and I maintain the interest to fix bugs in Neat URL because of its popularity.

    You are free to submit pull requests to fix problems you encounter.
  • Nice addon, but looks like in don't work with "spm" and "epid" parameters
  • Excellent addon, helps a lot to remove all that unnecessary refs, from, etc from URLs.
    Doesn't seem to work on Android, please take a look at it if you can make it work.
  • Seems not working on Firefox Android 64
  • Didn't work on some website
  • Is there a way to clean the "sharp" symbol (#) which is typically used for Table of Contents (TOC)? For example,


    I want it to become automatically as below when clicked or opened in a new tab:

  • Ksjdhf
  • So far so good. Works like a charm and is easy to configure to avoid issues