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It's me again.
Not writing about Noise, But this time, Navigational Sounds.
Anyone remember the old Listerene mouth wash commercials; says what it does, does what it says?
This addon is exactly that;
It does only 1 job, but very nicely.
It plays your "local registry" sounds for a few key situations;
You can only change these sounds in the 'Sounds & Audio Devices' control panel screen.
If you're looking to choose your own sounds, get Noise instead.
For those simple people who just want a simply well-done extension, you'll be delivered that via Navigational Sounds.
Note "local registered" earlier;
This extension DOES NOT LET you change the sounds proper;
It only plays them.
For those of you looking for a more complete listening session of ear candy, get Noise;
I chose Noise over Navigational Sounds, however, because i want very fine grain control over what sounds i hear when; Emphasis on what and when, especially via filters.
I've got a Noise folder with sounds and a Noise.RDF file if you wanna go loud and proud.
For those of you wanting to see what Noise is all about, go to the add-on page for Noise:
Or for the official homepage proper,
Quick recap:
Simple listeners want Navigational Sounds;
Really complex ear-candied listeners want Noise.

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