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  • Hi all

    I am too frustrated by the lack of updates for this theme. It's far and away the best available, especially for non-Aero XP systems.

    However, you can make it work almost perfectly in newer Firefox versions by installing the addon compatibility reporter:


    Simply install this and then download the Naver theme and apply it. Make sure menu bar is visible, and also icons + text selected in the customization options. Like I say, it isn't perfect but it's not far off!
  • Loving this theme!

    Update it for Firefox 4. :D
  • By far the best theme. Please adapt for Firefox 4!
  • Please make an update for Firefox 4, pretty please~
    This theme is great ad i would LOVE to see it on Fx4 (^^)
  • it just feels so clean and easy on the eye.
  • Elegant.... it's a piece of art.
    thank you
  • My favourite theme ever. It looks so natural and it's so easy to navigate and use. Good work!
  • Very clear and beautiful!
    Good job!

  • とても良いのですが、ツールバーに RSS feed アイコンが出ないのでそこだけお願いします。
  • не раздражающая мягкая тема в любимых цветах
  • Очень хорошая, приятная тема. Спасибо!
  • Hi, could you please make this so it works with Firefox 3.6.8?
  • slowed down my browsing
  • Easily the most attractive Firefox theme I've come across.
  • The cleanest and most sophisticated theme so far! Thanks so much!
  • I'd rate it a 5 star, except the RSS icons aren't showing...
  • Simply the best there is!
    Tried out every theme that looked acceptable but every one had at least one minus.

  • This is, by far, my most favouritestest theme for firefox.

    But there is a HUGE : the rss icon aren't displayed anymore.
    Could this be fixed ?

    I swear, I'll change my rating to 5 when done :) :)

    I really love this theme, but I really love RSS icon.
    Please, don't make me choose.. :)

  • I've been trying dozens of themes and this one is the best so far... I'd like it more though if you make it take less space. Need some work done on the options panel.
  • Wonderfully polished and gorgeous theme.
  • long waited for it to arrive OSX
    Gorgeous theme!
  • Just the best one!
  • Love this theme, and have used it off and on for years. However, I just noticed that the most recent update does not show the RSS icon in the address bar for sites that have them. (this icon does work for the same sites if I use the default theme). Is this a known problem?
  • Excellent Theme - I've been using it for the last year or so and I haven't found other theme to be able to compete with this one.
  • This is an excellent theme, just what I've been looking for. Stylish, sleek, clear and well sized/spaced. And it doesn't get rid of my toolbar bookmark icons :)
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