Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Such a great add-on. In fact, I'm not updating to FF29 if this space-saver isn't updating. Anyway, tips: after install, you have to mess with your settings (tabs on top, etc) to get everything just right. I also dump the search bar and use only the URL bar (nav bar) in the title bar, then put add-on icons up in the nav bar, too. I definitely remove useless icons that I use shortcuts for (home, etc). I even have a pretty 5-block weather on my title bar that I could remove to put MORE add-on icons up there if I wanted to. My browser is TIGHT (works well), with no wasted space and tons of screen space for the actual INTERNET! (Which is why I won't update FF28 to FF29 unless this add-on is updated to work with Australis —I get HIVES looking at wasted blank space.) THANK YOU SO MUCH for this awesome add-on! ♥