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28 reviews for this add-on
  • This add-on is awesome. Thank you for the hard work. You can change bar colors as well as accents (i.e blue line on the tab icon)

    Developer response

    Thank you for the review! Honestly it makes me feel more motivated now to continue working on 2.0 that I've promised.

  • Exactly what I was looking for! I use a series of wallpapers and have my task/title bars change to match them and I've wanted to coordinate my browser with this color change for so long! Thanks!

  • Excellent. But, sometimes is very hard to see my active tab. It would be nice if active tab is a little bit darker and/or that blue line is thicker.

    EDIT: Wow, I didn't saw that at all. Thank You!

    Developer response

    You can change the darkness of the foreground color by opening your add-on options. Navigate to about:addons, and click Options on the extension.

  • this is awesome..thank you for this!

  • 很好看,有沉浸感

  • as good as can be!

  • Well, the Author has not noticed that in tabbar, tabs have WHITE crosses. And when on Win10 x64 I hover a mouse over an active tab, it all becomes white. No cross visible. :)
    On Win 8.1 x64 however, it works very well, as it should.

    Developer response

    Could you please submit an issue with a more verbose description to the Github Issues page? I'm not sure what the problem is, and I would like to have major bugs fixed in version 2.

  • Great extension, perfect for personalizing and can makes menus easier on your eyes (depending on accent colour).

  • Why this is not available by default for mobile?

    Developer response

    This is not available for mobile because that is out of scope. The theme was made to adapt to your system color theme, and there is no way to do this on mobile, so you may as well just use a dark theme.

  • best ever. thank you

  • Very beautiful theme!

  • my only issue is that the 'active' tab should be outlined with the 'Highlight' color. thanks

    Developer response

    Unfortunately this can't be done without modifying userChrome.css.

  • Nice.

  • +

  • Super

  • +


  • There are some userChrome.css bugs in firefox 60 such the findbar (cntrl-f) text is not visible due tothe background text being white (when the difference mode is "lighter") and it doesnt automatically detect changes in theme.

    it is obvoius this is no way a finished product but is this probably the smartest theme extension out currently. Overall this extension is very beautiful and im exitied to see what is added in the future.

    EDIT: It appears to be a userchrome.css problem. I had a similar issue when using (a very nice dark theme for firefox) and they were able to provide a fix.

    I do not know how your extension works but I would reccomend contacting that developer as he is very responsive and would likely be interested in this project.

    If all else fails you could open issues on stack-overflow and the mozilla help forums. Best of luck and thanks for making this extension!

    Developer response

    I noticed the grey find popup as well, and I honestly have no idea what to do about it.

  • Superbe

  • Excellent

  • Finally a true dark theme! This was the one thing Firefox 57 was missing sorely. Thank you!

    One minor complaint is that the address bar highlight color doesn't seem to be configurable for me when the address bar has the cursor active after clicking in it. It is always the default light blue color. I am on the Firefox 64-bit beta channel (currently v60.0b14).

    Developer response

    However, with new APIs coming out, I may be able to modify this. I'll take a look in a week or so. Someone sent me a shitload of info about undocumented API stuff that might help.

  • wow ty for this.

  • So far I am very pleased with how this works in that the color matching with my Windows settings works fine and the colors chosen are perfect and do not make things hard to see.

    There is one issue for me though and that is the only time the browser actually changes it's color is if I minimize it and then restore it. I have my Windows settings set that the background changes every ten minutes or so but the browser colors do not change along with it. I wish it did. This is a minor detail and not a deal-breaker or anything like that; it'd just be nice if the browser changed colors at the same time my desktop background changed.

    EDIT: I did notice that the browser also changed colors when opening a new tab (but not all the time) so I don't actually have to minimize/restore the browser when my desktop background changes.

    Developer response

    I addressed this in issue #17 (, and I don't think there is a way to hook an event listener for when the Windows background changes. If I find a way, I'll surely fix this.

  • Really love this extension, thanks for making it. The new options to tweak the colors made it one of my favorite add-ons currently. I may be missing something, but Is there a way to make it work in private browsing?

    Developer response

    Yes, I can make it work for private browsing, but that would nearly double the size of the code that it currently is at, which is why I haven't done so yet. Could you post an issue on the GitHub page so that I remember to do this when I have some free time?

  • Nice work Spikespaz! Like this a lot. Now at the risk of sounding greedy I have to there any way to make the bookmark background dark/black too?? Every "dark" theme leaves out the bookmark window/background. You may know how to make it happen within your extension? Night owls would thank you.

    Developer response

    Actually this is already coming in the next update, probably tomorrow. And that's not greedy at all, I love being asked for features! Update: This appears to not be possible until Firefox 60.

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