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  • Solved all my dark theme problems! Thank you!
    No problem, thanks for the review!
  • I love what I'm able to do with this addon, black with neon purple accents is killer!
    Glad you like it, thanks!
  • The perfect extension. It works automatically - it applies dominant color according to one selected in Windows. And doesn't demanding access to sensitive permissions to YOUR DATA.
    Glad you like it!
  • Not really dark
    You should read the description and readme and learn how to use the extension. You can make it look however you want. Look at the options in the addons settings, go to "about:addons" in the URL bar.
  • Top! 5*
  • Just Awesome, makes firefox Great again. Using Windows 7 works great, 1 thing when I click on something other then firefox the search box and address box turns white, click on firefox they change back to set color.

    Thanks for the review! Open the add on options and change the unfocused theme.
  • Fantastic aesthetics, customization options and it really works! Thanks, Devs!
    No problem! Glad you like it.
  • Works perfectly and doesn't need any permissions. Great job!
  • It's what i was looking for, thank you!!
  • This add-on is awesome. Thank you for the hard work. You can change bar colors as well as accents (i.e blue line on the tab icon)
    Thank you for the review! Honestly it makes me feel more motivated now to continue working on 2.0 that I've promised.
  • Exactly what I was looking for! I use a series of wallpapers and have my task/title bars change to match them and I've wanted to coordinate my browser with this color change for so long! Thanks!
  • Excellent. But, sometimes is very hard to see my active tab. It would be nice if active tab is a little bit darker and/or that blue line is thicker.

    EDIT: Wow, I didn't saw that at all. Thank You!
    You can change the darkness of the foreground color by opening your add-on options. Navigate to about:addons, and click Options on the extension.
  • this is awesome..thank you for this!
  • 很好看,有沉浸感
  • as good as can be!
  • Well, the Author has not noticed that in tabbar, tabs have WHITE crosses. And when on Win10 x64 I hover a mouse over an active tab, it all becomes white. No cross visible. :)
    On Win 8.1 x64 however, it works very well, as it should.
    Could you please submit an issue with a more verbose description to the Github Issues page? I'm not sure what the problem is, and I would like to have major bugs fixed in version 2. https://github.com/spikespaz/firefox-nativedark/issues
  • Great extension, perfect for personalizing and can makes menus easier on your eyes (depending on accent colour).
  • Why this is not available by default for mobile?
    This is not available for mobile because that is out of scope. The theme was made to adapt to your system color theme, and there is no way to do this on mobile, so you may as well just use a dark theme.
  • best ever. thank you
  • Very beautiful theme!
  • my only issue is that the 'active' tab should be outlined with the 'Highlight' color. thanks
    Unfortunately this can't be done without modifying userChrome.css.
  • Nice.
  • +
  • Super
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