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  • I like this theme. Clearly a lot of effort has been put in it. But one thing's bugging me - the background of the scrollbars seems to not fit in. Why not make it only grey?
  • this theme is amazing, its details on color,quality, and looks are so detailed. I would so use this on my Firefox!.
  • ***WOW!!! Very nice Firefox Theme! I just love it! Another good thing in Firefox add-ons!!!***
  • Utterly fantastic theme on all levels. I've been using it since FF 3.6 and I don't see myself ever taking it out of an install, not even for the neat Personas which Mozilla introduced (though having a future compatibility with those would be a neat thing). For me though this is the only way to use Firefox since it works wonders for useability, utility, design/looks and just about any other area I can think of. (Secretly I wish Mozilla would make this a default alternative for installs in the future - its that essential in my opinion)

    Huge, huge thanks.
  • this is a nice theme but its clashes with personas.... I like the look of it but sometimes I like a good persona with it.
  • Looks nice
  • Fantastic theme! Grats on having your theme featured on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2011) . Lisbeth the main character in the movie uses the theme in a few shots.
  • Love this theme!!!
  • I really love the theme and NASA. So cool. So far one of the few themes to pull off complete black.

    Any chance we can get this to work with Thunderbird? Any way if you can't still love it. Everyone else reading this...this theme works perfectly under Ubuntu.
  • c'est vraiment ideux ce thème !
  • good
  • Merci pour ce superbe thème très joli travail j'aime beaucoup.
  • Awesome, but there is a problem with Vertical Toolbar (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/vertical-toolbar/). It becomes transparent when the theme is active. Lust like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/10015887.png/
    I am a fan of the theme and would be very glad to see that bug corrected :)
  • Hi Mcdavis thanks for your reply and that of edmeister just letting you know that it worked and after all that time of trying to find out how to fix the problem you and the edmeister where the only people capable of fixing this properly i thankyou and now to see how it goes and hopefully there are no short comings for changing things thanx again :) And as i promised i have now changed my Rating as i totally like the theme and style well done:)
  • Been using this for years, very good use of colours (are greys colours?), nice and clean looking, pleasant on the eye, works great with a similar looking system theme. Frankly I wish all my apps and websites looked like this.
  • junk
  • That's awsome! Simple and sophisticated, thanks!
  • THANKS!!!
  • very kewl, nice work.. so i had to give ya some stars =)

    Thank you
  • The theme does not harmonize with the orange highlight color. In addition, there is nothing spectacular, and it simply is not. A little below average.
  • FT SleekDark or FT DeepDark are better dark themes


  • Fantastic look. My only complaint is that current tabs don't stand out from the rest, so it is hard to distinguish that from those in the background. If you could somehow shade or highlight whatever tab is being viewed, this add-on is nothing short of 5-stars. Nicely done...
  • Es un tema sencillo pero bien desarrollado, el diseño simplemente me facina, cuando rebice como mandar dinero por FireFox, le mandare un apoyo al Autor.
  • Updated version 0.6.20111228 for Nightly 12.0a1! Love it new theme then old version 0.6.20111220.
  • great look