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  • Firefox 29 please... :(
  • My favorite theme.
  • Me gusta lastima que boy a tener que esperar 2 minutos para que abra firefox mientra mas lo personalise mas pesado se pone
  • This theme done well, but it was too dark,Whether you can put a little pale color tone.
  • I think if you ask for monetary support you should provide technical support for the dumb-asses like me who blindly contribute to your extension and spend hours trying to figure out how to add certain sub-skins, then spend hours trying to figure out how to make contact to get support. because your extensions are clearly so simple a neanderthal could figure them out (sarcasm). NASA, sub-skin Options picture 3 ????? I download image I copy and paste the code to a new stylish user style, I replace the someplace with image location and I get this message: 5:15 unexpected end of file while searching for ';' or ')' to end declaration. Unexpected end of file while searching for closing ) of declaration block. I've saved to different locals, I've typed in a hundred different combinations of locations and always the same message. I've been on line to see if I could figure out what the f--- I am doing wrong and just what exactly the message means...NOTHING. your turn, assist or refund.!
    Hi again Carolynn, You should have email from me with some follow-up questions (dated 1/23/2014). I'm happy to help, just lemme know. Sorry it's giving you trouble.
  • nice colour scheme
  • Awesome as always, excited to see what changes with australis.
  • Very good.
  • nice theme am very interests to use.
  • Nice! ;)
  • daje rade
  • bien no esta mal
  • Thank you very much! It works well now with Aurora (even the beta). I hope you will soon solve the problem of your hard drive broken.

  • Did you try new beta version with "click to activate" (or "click to play per-element" addon) feature in firefox 24? It's not compatible.
  • One of the best theme I have ever used.
  • I love this theme, it is really awesome!!!:D
  • I use a dark theme for my desktop and this FF theme makes it more lovely. Thanks :)
  • Best theme but I can't install with aurora!
    Thanks for the report; I'm looking into it. Apparently there's some problem on the AMO side at the moment. In the mean time, you can install the beta from here: http://mcdavis.dreamhosters.com/nnlopenbeta/index.html EDIT: this should be fixed now; see Mozilla Bug 860306 - Complete Themes don't get updated via autoupdate anymore.
  • Very pretty. Loved the colors. One flaw in fullscreen, though. There's a fraction of an inch perimeter around the bottom and right sides of the screen. Total turn-off. Deleted immediately.
    > Deleted immediately.

    I have a suggestion. Why don't you file a proper bug report (here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=547498&p=2875975#p2875975 ), including a screenshot and details about your Firefox and OS versions. That way we can fix the problem and everyone using it can benefit from your experience.

    Of course, I'll warn you, you'd have to reinstall in that case. ;)
  • Thanks
  • The best dark theme I have ever come across!
  • Офигенная тема. Одна из лучших. Ничего лишнего, ничего яркого и кричащего. Идеально для постоянной работы.
  • best one out of all of them
  • very nice , i love , thank's for your work
  • it is a nice background but a bit too black and makes links hard to see