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  • I love this theme. This is what real themes should be, not just a cute background image.

    I am too poor, thus I won't send the $5 that I would sincerely like to.
  • gracias es perfecto
  • Dear mcdavis,
    Most Excellent Theme!
    Thank you for your review and feedback!
  • Please add more contrast to scrollbar. I'm using the NewScrollbars add-on because of this problem. Thank you for your hard work.
    Thanks for the comment. I don't understand what people mean when they say they want the scrollbar to be more contrasty. (You're not the only one.) Where do you want more contrast? Please post a link to a picture showing what you want.
  • Bravo maestro!
  • Excelente, el mejor tema que visto hasta ahora y lo he usado ya desde hace 3 años.
  • Every time comes a new FRESH HOT version - I like it ☺
  • Everything is ok. I love it, not all page is black please fix it Thanks McDavis :(
    Hi. Which pages aren't dark? And which Firefox version are you using?
  • Awesome!
    However, there are numerous suggestions I have XD so, if you wanna see em all, read on.
    1.) adblock plus is sad. Icon looks custom, but it should probably be improved to look uniform with the default firefox icons this addon cusomizes, particularly because I use the element hiding helper on my toolbar and the icon just looks a bit half-baked.

    The history icon looks slightly octagonal, if you care to adjust it.
    when the forward button is unavailable, the bottom blends in with the toolbar.

    scrollbar is checkerboarded, and I may like it more of a two-toned...
    astronaut movement is slightly jagged, I don't use the menu icon so I look at it whenever I click that button XD

    I use restartless restart, and the icon does not contrast nearly enough for this theme XD black on dark grey is not good for where the icon is.
    Hey, thanks for the feedback. Those are all fair points, but lemme just comment on three since I'm finishing up other work for the Firefox 34 release.

    1) I have NNL-specific icons for ABP, but they aren't being applied at the moment (fallout from the Australis redesign). I'll get to that presently.

    2) I know about Restartless Restart. One limitation of all the restartless add-ons is that the icon is set by JS as explicit src attribute on the element, meaning it can't be set by the theme. However, traditional (non-restartless) add-ons can be themed, so if you identify one of those I'll update NNL to support it. QuickRestart was good, but last I checked it's not maintained any more.

    3) I know what you're saying about the scrollbars, but I like the checkerboard, and it matches the checkerboard that shows behind toolbarbuttons when you click them. NNL has a distinctive style, and that's part of it.

    If you want to say more, please do. Using the forum might be more convenient: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=547498

    Thanks again for the feedback. Those are all good, specific, actionable points.
  • Wonderful
  • Best FF theme hands down, thank you for making this.

    For regular users, this is great. For developers like myself, there is one particular bug that is frustrating.

    In console, when you click on an object it opens up the right pane with its details. If you then click on another object, it will NOT refresh the details. You have to cycle dev tools to be able to click on the second object.

    Again, for the average user, not a big deal. If you're debugging JS, it's super annoying.

    Regardless, excellent theme. Thank you for it.
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look.

    EDIT 2014/10/11: this is fixed for the next NNL beta and the following NNL release. Thanks for the bug report, good catch.
  • Thank you Sir for creating this.
    It support all OS i use.. :)

    Best. Theme. Ever!
  • THE BEST, absolutely positively the BEST skin out there for FF. I've used it for so long I can't even remember how long it's been. I can't imagine my browser looking any different. Thanks so much for this one guy, I know you've kept it running for years and I for one really do appreciate it. Please accept my diminutive little donation as a thank you and job well done.
    Thanks for saying that and for your support, it makes a difference.
  • とてもクールでかっこいい!
  • Wooot! awesome skin for Firefox- The best around for sure. Using it since FF 25 and appreciate the great work done mate.
    Thank you. When I first started on this, I wanted to make something that people would use, like, and say nice things about. I think I just hit a triple. :)
  • Los colores son muy estéticos y el trabajo de diseño realmente es muy bueno, completamente recomendado si quieres un ambiente obscuro.

    Saludos desde México
  • The best theme ever fo firefox!! Beautiful!!
  • 5 star for this... relly nice
  • Thank you for all the work you put in. Wish you all the luck with your surgery and getting up to date with the aurora and nightly builds.
  • Still blue (not black) top right buttons (close, minimise) on Win8. And ugly overglow on some addons buttons on panel.
  • Even if it can be a thankless job, judging from the overwhelming sense of entitlement and self-centeredness from some in the community, that is not (I hope) the opinion of the majority here. Your design has not only made FF more aesthetically pleasant for me; the dark theme has also been a relief for my old, tired eyes.

    NOW I will update FF to its hamburgerfied version. I can always go back to Pale Moon and the old NNL version anyway... :)
  • Thank u Mcdavis, your works deserve 5 STARS.
  • What gives?

    Now I'm staying with FT DeepDark. Looks better anyway.
    I didn't remove your post. You have a right to your opinion, whatever it may be, and I'm sure you have good reasons for it. I hope you enjoy your theme.
  • Best theme for firefox,without it just isn't right.Thanks for finally updating this awesome theme to latest version