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  • The best from Brazil...version 47 please..
  • I searched for a nice looking Add-On for Firefox and found this one, im using it for Years now and i never changed it. Wish the Update comes soon its just amazing.
  • Please make it work!
  • Have been using this must have theme for years now. I know it's kind of stupid but I won't update to FF v47 until this theme is compatible :)
  • Sadly enough it isnt working with firefox 47
  • But not working with FF 47
  • Works great. I like this one a lot, thank you.
  • This is definively the best dark theme ever! Really happy to see it has been improved also on Console! Great Job! Please continue to work on it and improve it constantly! Thank you so much Bro!!!! And thanks for recent update to FF 46!!! :)
  • It works for me on FF46 too ;)
  • Спасибо автор за поддержку темы в актуальном состоянии!
  • I keep it
  • Why does this have to become incompatible with every single browser upgrade?
  • Downloaded the beta version through Twitter for Firefox v45. Works a treat - thank you. Direct Link---> http://mcdavis.dreamhosters.com/nnlopenbeta/index.html
  • I really like this one, even though I would prefer to have the background images be optional rather than included by default. One other small observation: has anyone else noticed that the orange "Firefox" button in the upper, left-hand corner doesn't appear as a solid color?
  • Awesome Update! Thank you so much!

    There's no other theme this clean and completely darkened down, loved it so much that I rather not update firefox for this theme.
  • The images are so big
    I can totally see what's going on
    What do you mean they're so big? Screenshot please, then I can see them too.
  • Are there any plans to make this work with the "Beyond Australis" addon? The bottom section of the flyout bars are not skinned.

    BTW, I edited my reply below.

    I'd love to, but my main goal is getting up and keeping up with the every-six-weeks Firefox release schedule. Anything else comes after that. If you want to contribute some code (start by making it work as a Stylish stylesheet, then hand that over) I'd be very happy to include it in the theme. A screenshot would still be a great start.
  • Thank you - thank you - thank you... for updating the best Firefox theme!!!!
  • A million thank you's to you, mcdavis, for updating my favorite theme. I haven't felt the need to log on to Firefox addons for years, but this was certainly an occasion that called for it. Please keep up the great work. My screen looks "normal" now. I love it. Thanks again.
  • Get FT deep dark guys it's really smooth and it's updating when it need to.
  • thanks a lot polipo

    and merry christmas to you too
  • please update, this is my favourite theme !
    ♥ (y)
  • I love the way it squares off the tabs and returns firefox to a nice TIGHT, clean look.

    The grey buttons are very easy on the eye on top of the black backgrounds which are beautifully shaded to still allow you to distiquish the different parts ( tabs, bars, buttons... so forth ) from each other.

    I just hope this theme keeps up with the newest versions of Firefox.. as of today I am stuck having to use 39.0 instead 40.1 which it is not compatible yet.
  • In my search to find something as cool as this theme I came across the DevEdition Theme Enabler Add On that enables the Developer Edition Theme in your Themes section. It's pretty nice though not as intricate as the NASA Theme. You guys should check it out'