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  • Really makes a difference when used correctly with Nano AdBlocker or uBlock Origin. Works best, in my opinion, with Nano Adblocker. It's a great little add-on that protects your ad blocker. Hasn't caused too many noticeable problems probably because the Dev's appear to be working very hard to keep this app updated and running well. I have used this on both FireFox and Chrome. I highly recommend the us of theses two adblockers and no other ad blocking software at all.
  • pomaga ublock'owi usuwać reklamy.
  • Truly excellent. I've been using the unofficial ND from github for months with uBlock and it works great. Very pleased to see it now on AMO... Thanks for porting to Firefox!
  • Reklam engelleyici kullanıyorsunuz, lütfen kapatın uyarısını kaldırıyor. Sadece Ublock Origin ve Nano Adblocker ile birlikte çalışıyor. Ublock Origin ile kullanmak için bazı ayarlarmalar yapmanız gerekiyor. Tavsiyem bu uzantıyla birlikte sadece Nano Adblocker kullanın. Diğer reklam engelleyici uzantıları işe yaramadığı gibi sistem kaynaklarını sömürüyorlar.
  • Ok, I have enough of it (of getting this to work). It looked like the devs fixed it, but here's the issue:

    Installed Nano Defender and Nano Adblocker to keep it simple. Both from AMO. Doesn't work on certain websites though. For example for imgView.net, https://imgrock.pw/ , https://imgtown.pw and so forth.

    Tried the quick issue submitter, but it gave me a hard time. It said the issue is fixed. Maybe it was, but it's not anymore. So I was required to go to Github. Little bit too nerdy for me. Spent half an hour just to find a unused username to sign up.

    I did try to add the issue, but I did it wrong and I can't be bothered to "study" how to report an issue. You almost need a license just to be able to report something. I'm happy with simply being an end-user.

    Two stars for the effort because I don't like 1 star. But right now it hasn't been a success for me.

    Edit: added a star because it looks like the devs are really trying. This is a toughie though.
    The reason we need multiple information because we cannot reproduce issue for those sites. Therefore we ask for step to reproduce, screenshot and console in order to know what's wrong. Although it is complicated for reporters, those are required or we cannot fix without knowing the cause.
    Even though your issue being closed as invalid, you can still modify your issue. Once your issue can be reproduced, your issue will be re-considered (this time I edit for you for your reference).

    Edit: Your issue is confirmed and we are working on your issue right now. Please wait for next version for fix.