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  • please update for newest version mozilla 38 and future versions of firefox.my favorite, prettiest color use
  • Hi Laura,
    This is still my favorite theme ever. We all miss it. It has obviously taken you a lot of time and work. Would you please update it for Firefox 24.
  • I miss this theme so much......
  • Please, update this one for Firefox 16? Of all options, this is the most beautiful and good looking one, and I'd love to have it, if possible.
  • Красивое сочетание цветов
  • this was the best theme - i'd love to see it updated for firefox 13
  • I'm rating this 5 as it was once my fav theme and would love to see it back. Disappointed it still hasn't been updated. I'm now using Waterfox 13.0 (Firefox themes do work on it) and have had to resort to using Personas as more and more theme makers are not updating and giving up. Personas is okay and they do have some nice ones but I really prefer themes as the whole browser changes now just the top and bottom bars. Please update this. Thank you x
  • Hi,
    I still love this theme and you promised an update about a year ago.... are you still planning on doing an update? Or do i have to start to look for a new theme? Please dont tell me I have to start looking.
    I love this one so much im still hanging on to firefox 3.5 cause of the theme.

  • This was a most uplifting and awesome theme for women...What wrong with you Firefox? Please Please bring this one back!!! You have enough dark and depressing themes!!!
  • still and will always be my favorite theme ever!!!!
  • Ojalá actualizes pronto para que podamos usarlo con la 3.6.
    Es el único tema que he usado y no quiero cambiar.
    Es tan diferente y original !!!
    Gracias por crearlo y esperamos el update !
  • Hello everyone!
    Thanks so much for writing!
    I want you all to know that I am working on updating this theme,
    and also working on a new mythical theme with new colors and characters!
    Thanks for your patience!
    Mythical Sirens Theme Designer
  • this is the only theme I used and it worked so perfectly with Firefox- I was ticked! PLEASE please please update for 3.6!!!

  • I LOVE this theme, it's so artistically beautiful, original and easy to use. By far my #1 favorite of all others available. Yet, another Firefox update has stolen this theme away. Grrrrrrr! Please, Please make an update of "Mythical Sirens Summer Night" to work with Firefox version 3.6. I'm lost in a world of mundane drab with out it!
  • This looks bright and cheery...will try it...
    really pretty favorite color!
  • It's a bit dark and the buttons for "copy, cut, paste" and "print, new tab, etc..." are a little hard to decipher, but otherwise fabulous! Would love a companion theme for Thunderbird!
  • Beautiful theme! I would like to download, but just updated to 3.6. Does anyone know if this can work on the new version, even though it says not?
  • I really love this theme even though it's a bit too
    dark. Great Job!
  • I love this skin the colors are sooo pretty and they just pop out I get comments all the time from friends wondering where i get these skins ... Please keep this one updated and make some more if you can get the time.. Your skins are A1 rating!! Thanx a bunch from Texas Brandywine!! :o)
  • This has got to be the most beautiful skin I've ever used. I'm not into purple too much but it looks so good, I just left it there after I downloaded it. I had to DL an older version because I have Firefox 2.0* but am totally happy with it. I just wish you'd have skinned "Down Them All" too. I use that exclusively for my downloads.
    Thank you...
  • Thanks for updating to 3.5+ I love this theme, it's so totally different.
  • Thank you so much for updating! I love this theme!
  • now that uve updated,its time for me to move to V3

    thank u!
  • Thanks for updating. This is the first time I have got to use this theme.