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  • When I switch between tabs there is a non stopping spinning wheal in the right top corner (at my avatar).
  • This is a great product with great support. It's really helped me organize my life.
  • At first, I really liked the extension and I was on board with it, for the most part. However, a recent update said it wanted access to my bookmarks and data. For no reason what-so-ever should they need access to my information.
    We do not need user information or data for any other purpose then managing bookmarks. Access your data for website/URL permission is required to add bookmark in mymark.me. It is policy of Firefox Extension store that we ask user permission. This is just to enable us to manage/organize bookmark at mymark.me so you can access bookmark from any device or browser
    myMark.me Support Team
  • just what I was looking for!
  • Great Bookmark Manager. Keep up the good work.
  • It is a great app and it looks great, too.
  • This is the best Bookmark program I have tried, is very visial, I love you can have mutiple pages and move groups between pages! Also a huge feature for me is being able to keep simple notes as well.
  • I use it with all devices which sync. I keep my most often used pages as the desktop, they're always ready...
  • myMark is a beautiful bookmark manager with pages, categories, and notes to organize everything
  • Works great!!! I put it on all my computers.
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