All is Well - FF 64x Nighly Rated 5 out of 5 stars

installed v6.13
& all-is-well with latest Nightly x64 v26.0 (latest beta sept 01 '13)

I have to admit to a previous false alert

I mentioned I couldn't move folders by drag & drop in Nightly x64 v23 with 6.12,
after Resetting most, about:config 'cache', options
(and only enabling MEM cash, disabling Disk cache with my notebook 4GB mem)

with 6.12, dragging already started worked again
(and I don't really know which about:config is the problem, your mileage may vary)

there is still a 'minor bug' in my Nighly x64:
'magically', MyBookmarks seems to follow around
moved bookmarks that I move in my FF 'Show all Bookmarks' interface
(fix: move them around in the MyBookmarks page)

I deliberately have to Cut a Bookmark, and Paste it in another folder,
OR, MyBookmarks will still show said bookmark in its old folder

how magical is that?

anyway, ***** ***

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