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  • Absolute Crap. More like a virus that will disable your web browser and refuse to allow you to delete the 'session' backups it creates. Stay well away and use any other Session Tool created by a competent developer.
    Thank you for your constructive criticism.
  • 这个扩展非常好用,非常喜欢。更新到最新版后出现一个问题。每天第一次启动Firefox后MySessions都会生成备份文件,如何取消备份呢?我没有找到取消备份的选项。
    Disable "Save backup to file".
  • No source code provided despite it is distributed under MPL.
    If you have installed the extension, then you already have access to the source code, it is not obfuscated. If you do not know how to do this, then you can use the extension https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/crxviewer/
  • Menu is totally broken for several weeks now. All menu items seem out of place and it's impossible to navigate properly.

    This happens in several computers (all running Ubuntu 18.04) and even in fresh installations of Firefox.
    Write me a letter. Let’s figure out what the problem is.
  • It works but I don't know why even when I've disabled all timeline and periodic saves, it is still running a background.js that pops up every min to dump a huge chunk of text onto my FF Browser Console log screen like :

    "Array(17) [ "{\"title\":\"tempSession\",\"date\":\"7/8/2019_18:34\",\"tabs\":[{\"title\..........."

    and that can fill up multiple screens.

    Can CromS improve it by letting it stay idle if all I need is a save when closing Firefox.
    tempSession is a session that will be saved when the window is closed. It is updated every 30 seconds. I did not comment out the line before the release.
  • An essential part of any modern browser for any power user *should* be a session saver. Best substitute I've found for the old session saver. Pretty basic but far better than nothing. As for problems, added sessions often don't show up for me in the interface, though are visible in bookmarks menu. Usually they show up when I restart, so not a big deal. Very grateful for this add-on!
  • This add-on is really great. I have been using it for a couple of years, now. It is really user friendly and it is great for saving multiple tabs on a subject and going back to them later. I couldn't be without it now. Thank you CromS for your hard work!
  • Hi, MySession seems more robust than Tab Session Manager (TSM uses indexDB; it's json got corrupted so I lost alll my sessions), but maybe you could consider implement this TSM good things:
    -'save session on close' option [without using 'save each __minutes', *even when eg the PC unespectedly shuts down from energy failure*, amazingly it usually manages to recover the tabs.]
    -it restores tabs according to the Firefox 'Container' each tabs is when saving the session, eg I can have a session with all/some 'Work' or 'Personal' Containers. [Maybe this can't be done in MySession since regular Bookmarks (only for now until new API?) can't save the 'Container' status?]
    -it opens the session starting on the tab you were when saved [not necessarily on the 1st tab] eg while being in the last tab (eg 9 tabs, you were in tab #9, opening session starts in tab #9, not in #1).
    -if you click to expand the list of tabs of a session, > click on any tab > only that tab opens in the window you are.
    Edit: I guess I was wrong about the last point, so 1+star (only used the addon 1 time because from the proposals, at least I cannot forego the containers function.)
    The reason for 3 is (using lazy Loading) eg I don't want always to load tab#1, but [in the example, it could be tabb5 or whatever] start in/only load tab9, then i after i close it, Tab8 loads, and so on, until i stop and close the window, without loading the 1st tabs. Without the function, before opening the session i would have to put FFx on 'work offline' before tab1 loads , then put FF 'onlne', then click tab9 etc. (or arrange the tabs in different order before saving the session.)
    Thanks for the feedback.

    But you are comparing warm with red.
    You estimate not expansion and the functions realized in it. You lower the estimate for the fact that this extension does not look like another. It's like saying that Fiat is a bad car because there are no Ferrari functions in it.
    Now about your suggestions:
    1. The function of saving the session when closing the window I am testing now.
    2. At the moment I do not see a way to use containers with bookmarks.
    3. Using bookmarks this can not be done. That is, you can try, but I see no reason to spend my own resources and computer resources on it. In addition, it will certainly be a source of additional bugs. In my opinion it is easier to move the mouse and click on the #9 tab.
    4. So it was intended. In the view mode, clicking on a tab will switch to this tab. In edit mode, a tab from another session is added to the current session. And how should be in your opinion?
  • thank you. it's a must have in my case.
    would give 5 stars but recent update introduced some bugs. 1. whenever I open the browser MySessions options tab opens automatically. 2. also every single link inside this tab opens another options tab.
    I'm using FF 66.0.5 x64 and MySessions 2.13.4, Win7 SP1 x64.
    edit: updating 2.13.5 fixed above problems. kudos to the Author for the immediate reaction. 5/5
    Thank. Fixed in new version 2.13.5.
  • I need that,it very good
  • The Best add-on of all that I'm tryed after Session Manager! Simply! Fast! Transparently! Safe! Ingeniously!
    Must Have!
    Автор Гений!
  • Really good utility. Big Fan. Indispensable for someone who habitually has waaay too many tabs open (embarraassed to say how many...).