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  • Great concept, very useful, would benefit from some polishing

  • I really like using this to navigate the internet without my mouse, but there are some cases where I have to. Youtube doesn't work all that great for example.

    Also, it would be great if there was an option to adjust the font-size of the labels, as they are somewhat hard to read

  • I had previously been using Conkeror, a keyboard-based web browser, but many parts of it are no longer kept up-to-date. I'm glad to have found a much better alternative for a mainstream browser available on Debian! Thanks for your awesome work!

  • Visualization and power.

  • I'm sure this is a real progress for those who can't use a mouse : disabled, slow moving, inaccurate persons etc.
    Also it's great for those who don't like to switch back and forth between handling a rodent and using a keyboard to navigate the web ...
    However I'd like to make a suggestion to push the concept of ease of use even further.
    Actually i thought about 2 improvements (if you agree they are) but the second one implies the first :
    - first i thought about the links numbering: it could start at "1" or "11", instead of "01" - that is avoiding to prepend left-hand side numbers with the most right-hand sided one.
    why? because it'd be easier to type : you wouldn't have to leave the letters to use the keypad, if you have one, and you could type "11" with one hand.
    -secondly, why not use only 1 to 5 digits to list links ?
    Honestly these numbers are to be typed and then validate by the Enter key, not really to find the exact number of available links in a page. So there would be no harm in listing items this way:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 15, 21, ..., 25, 31, ..., 35.... It could even start from 11 or 111 if 2 or 3 digit number formating is needed. I suggested 1 to 5 but why not 1 to 6 or 7, as long as they could be reached with one hand...

    I hope my english is clear enough to be understood, and that you'll find some interest in these suggestions.

    Anyway, this add-on is a must-have. thanks !

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestions to make this addon better. :)

    If I remember correctly, along the way when updating this addon, I had similar thoughts as yours and thus the links currently default to using 1234 as seen in the latest v0.7.3 (screenshot 2), and so listing would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21... 111, 112...

    Was it a long time ago that you first downloaded this addon, when the default links uses 0 and they were never changed? The links labeling can now be adjusted easily on the content pane (screenshot 2), and can take 1234567 or asdf and more.

    There are also other settings that can be used and changed. Happy exploring! :)

  • My Keyboard Navigator 0.7.0 in Firefox 40.0.02 on Windows 7 x64.

    I was hoping to use the Advanced Settings in this extension as a substitute for KeyConfig, which is unsigned and looks likely to remain so.

    Unfortunately, I cannot access the settings and ust get the error:

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: about:my-keyboard-navigator Line Number 51, Column 6:
    <textbox preference="pref-focus-key" type="text" placeholder^'&col.keyword.label;" onchange="validateKeyword(event) ;"/X!— places.dtd —>

    I have tried in a brand new profile, with absolutely no additions or other changes whatever. It doesn't work.

    I have tried versions of the extension going back as far as 2011 but even when, in much earlier versions this error does not appear, then something else fails.

    I had hoped to be able to recommend this on the Mozillazine Keyconfig forum topic, where there are lots of quietly desperate people waiting for a replacement.

    So what's the problem? Are any of these glowing reviews for Win 7 x64 users? If so, what on earth is different that makes it work for them?

    Developer: please see if you can find a solution for us.

    EDIT: Thanks very much, Little Spark, for version 0.7.3 which works without trouble.

    This is a very interesting extension, since it allows one to replace use of keyboard shortcuts with keywords, each of which is associated with a menu or button action or a piece of user specified javascript. Pressing the extension's single selected hotkey and then typing the first letter of a user defined keyword will produce a prompt which lists all keywords starting with that letter. Typing sufficient subsequent letters allows one to complete selection of the keyword and its associated action will then be carried out.

    It does not allow one to modify or disable existing conventional keyboard shortcuts or to define new ones. It provides an alternative system. I found it well worth investigating and, although I think I prefer those conventional keyboard shortcuts, I also need to consider how far 'My Keyboard Navigator' could be used to reduce my problems if I lost the use of Keyconfig.

    Developer response

    Since this addon uses Firefox internal locale files to support all user languages, changes in FF40 broke the localized labels thus causing the XML parsing errors that you see. As such, v0.7.0 will only work for FF38 and FF39.

    I have uploaded v0.7.3 which will work for FF40 onwards.

    The addon is not OS dependent so it will work well with your Win7x64 too. Enjoy the advanced settings. :)

  • Works great to improve keyboard use of Firefox!

  • Not work Firefox 38
    Location: about:my-keyboard-navigator
    Line Number 122, Column 6>

  • Dear Developer, A toggle option would be most welcome. Presently I have to open add-on manager to do this. Ability to this from toolbar button would be helpful. Excellent work. Regards Himannshu
    Edit- I expected quicker response from developer hence downing rating by one star. March, 31, 2014.

  • It works for me and doesn't have a flaw, noticed by Sasha Arsic.
    This addon motivates user to creativity. It is exellent for advanced users.
    But the users like me can use this addon in 5% of its power, not more.
    Is it possible to give more examples - how to create shortcut that will open url in foreground new tab, in sidebar, in popup etc.
    Where can we read about all of this. I'm speaking about users, that aren't familiar with java scripts. Where can we get some initial knowledge?

  • This is a great addon, but it has one very big flaw: the Navigator key is not configurable, so everytime you press the SHIFT key the navigator is activated. This is very annoying when typing, everytime you type an uppercase or change the keyboard language, the Navigator is activated and your typing is broken - please fix this! For now I have to disable this addon, but I'll be watching!

  • windows自带的所有切换输入法的热键都有shift。每次按Alt+shift切输入法都会触发这个插件。中文输入法下用shift输入标点也会触发,无论输入法设置的是输入全角或半角标点。请作者考虑换个热键吧。(比如说双击shift键触发。)
    另外,介绍的截图里hold-press, press-hold 啥的,我真没看明白。作者要是能在浏览器自己的add-on manager页面做个详细的说明文档就好了。毕竟跑到插件的下载页面看还是麻烦。

  • Incredible!
    Why did the development team Mozilla FireFox not thought about it?
    Congratulations Little Spark, an excellent work!

  • Highly recommended !

  • I really like the idea here, but the speed of navigating is too slow. The delay should be shorter and configurable for both presses. I also second the idea of trigging on key down instead of key up, except for the shift key.

  • This is a great addon if you don't want to switch between mouse and keyboard all the time while browsing. However it takes a while to get used to it and it's not very intuitive.

    My suggestions:
    * Make the commands configurable, e.g. press-press => open in new foreground tab, etc.
    * Make the delays configurable. For my personal taste the hold delay is too long while the delay before the last key is cleared is too short.
    * When you show the blue "My Keyboard Navigator" box on the left bottom of the window you could use it to show the available shortcuts and the configurations for the combinations of hold and press to make it more intuitive.
    * I also second the other suggestions to react on keydown instead of keyup for the shortcuts (not shift). This could speed up navigating a lot.

    After all thank you very much for this addon. It is very usefull.

    --edit: For some reasons it wouldn't work in pages using frames, like phpmyadmin, awstats, etc.

  • Thanks to Santhosh R for explaining this tool !

  • Very nice work. Only a small problem I have: When I try to change keyboard language, which is done by pressing alt+shift, MKN activates unwantedly. It could be great if it could distinguish the difference between pressing shift (only) and pressing the combination of shift+alt

  • Very useful addon, take a bit time to familiar, some more config like hold time and can swap action will be nice

    Developer response

    New ideas/ways/objects almost always need time and effort before they become familiar enough for us to fully utilize them.

    The hold time is already the shortest possible, unless you want to config it to be longer? Will see if this part can be made faster so that the action will flow better.

    Not too sure what the swap action is referring to. Is it to be able to have press-press be either left-click, right-click or open-in-new-tab instead of the default focus? If so, you will see it in the next version as the alternative way that links can be acted upon

  • Oh man! it took me some time to understand this add-on! If you are interested I'll explain you how to use it and save you the trouble, Press shift key and release it, you'll find numbers which are double digits, how you press and release each of the double digits determines the outcome, there are two ways to operate on each digit, 1. pressing & releasing (tapping) 2. pressing & holding. In the first type, you'll tap each digit, in the second type you'll press the digit and hold. Got hold of it?! wow, you are closer to understaning this addon!...now for the operations, you have four operations 1. focus 2. left click 3. right click 4. open in new tab
    1. Focus a link: when you want to just focus the element you'll tap two digits one by one for e.g. 03 you'll press and release 0 and press and release 3
    2. Left Click a link: Press and hold first digit, you'll see changes in the left side of the visual icon on the digit, now release the key, the icon will remain in this state for few seconds before reverting back, before the icon reverts back press and release the other digit
    3. Right Click a link: Press and release the first digit, now press and hold the second digit, the digit icon changes in the right side, now release the second digit, you'll find context menu
    4. Open link in New tab: Hold first digit, when icon changes release the digit, and hold second digit, when icon further changes release the digit, the link will be opened in new tab

    Few things to notice, most of the time tapping a key faster does not work, you have press and release the digit for the addon to register it, thats why I have given press & release not just press the digit. Also, this addon does not list all the clickable links like other addons.

    My impression...the addon is interesting after a while it is easier for you to do all the focus/right click/new tab...my problems is it is quite slow since it registers at the release of the key and not press of the key, also not all clickable links are shown. Finally to the developer don't make the focus default action, it should be left click. Thanks anyway...there are more to this add-on like menus but to me it only complicates things further and not helping it...

    Developer response

    Well done! lol. And nice explanation too!

    Was going to axe this press-hold-release feature in the next version but your review/experience changed that. Will instead see if this part can be made faster while at the same time implementing the new way of activating the different actions of a link.

    What sites have clickable links that this addon didn't detect? Can use them as testing grounds.

    The default action should be hold-hold, at least for me. That's why the focus is the default action, more neutral for everyone. Perhaps having a faster response will make this less noticeable.

  • A little complicate for make it to work (i didnt understand we must release "shift" before to press an other key). But now it seems to work for me (on Firefox 6.0 ; addon v. 0.4.9).

    Developer response

    Thanks for the review! Nice to see someone taking the effort to understand and use the add-on. :)
    Am now adding an additional feature to make it less complicated to add Firefox shortcuts, will be useful for times when we don't want to write our own codes. Hopefully will be out by end of the month!

  • Does not work at all. Nothing whatsoever.

  • Both give this:
    Error: littlespark is not defined
    Source file: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
    Line: 1

    Developer response

    You're right! Didn't get the error coz I had my other extensions enabled.
    Thanks for the alert! Now 0.4.9 works correctly.

  • thanks , trying now ...
    Numpad for right hand , Tab1234QWERASDFZXCVSpace for left hand

    Developer response

    keys customization now possible with version 0.3.5. about:config -> extensions.mykeyboardnavigator.aliases. more info on homepage.