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  • Avoid at all costs. Will randomly open a tab advertising their blog. This extension should be banned.
    Completely false claim. Open the blog only when the Addon is updated which happens once in months. So, its not true that it opens the page Randomly.
  • Morning, I had written previously because from some time after opened firefox it open the "http://blogs.wisetechlabs.com/" link; why ? I don't want that firefox open this link, please can you solve this problem ? it seems to me that is not correct mode to push your website; thanks a lot, Enzo
    Its correct the it opened that page. It was supposed to open the Thank you for updating page on that site. We will fix it. Thanks!
  • It gives me what I want in a brief snip. Love it.
  • Awesome
  • This used to work perfectly, what happened? I can't get it to work in the past few days,
    Firefox v. 61.0.2 (32-bit)
  • Does not work with 61.0.1 -- I've created my homepage as a local HTM file, and when I add a new tab this add-on creates a useless blank page. I do not understand why Quantum does not allow local html pages as a homepage.
  • Awesome addon
  • Does not work with 59.0.3 -- my homepage is a local HTM file (with all my useful links), and when I add a new tab this add-on simply creates a blank page.
  • ottimo
  • Thank you. Works great.
  • Perfect.
  • If no user name is required why does it keep asking for one and not letting me sign in.
  • Still no focus on url field. :(
  • How's that address bar focus coming along. It's been almost 6 years since you said you would fix it. Just checking.

    by Bilbo Baggins on September 3, 2011 · permalink

    Very nice, I give it 4/5 only because I'm used to start typing immediately when I open a new tab. With My Homepage I have to manually click in the Address Bar and then type. Perhaps add a checkbox option to choose if you want to switch to Address bar automatically or not?

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    I take this up as a very good suggestion

    by Manish Jain (Developer) on September 3, 2011 · permalink

    Thank you for the review.
    I take this up as a very good suggestion. Infact when a user opens up a new tab and does not want a home page, the shortcut key ctrl+alt+m works. But the focus is not in the address bar. But i will fix this soon and will update you. Thanks, Manish
  • Works to the point! that's what i needed!
    Worth contributing development!
  • Funciona perfectamente y cumple muy bien su función, lo vengo usando durante mucho tiempo y nunca me ha fallado.