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  • mozilla 47-51 runs very slow, I wanted to roll back, but without mх3 - no way! thanks!
  • High contrast, easy to see everything and not gaudy... should be the default Firefox theme.
  • please make a IE theme
  • Resulta un Tema funcional y relajado para la vista. la elección de colores me parece muy acertada. probado en W7, lo probaré tambien en KDE4.

    Existe una versión mas oscura?
    Gracias por tu trabajo.
  • *****
  • Very compact and confortable! Great job!!!
  • simple and Comfortable to the eye ... very nice
  • All of your works present tiny, or small imperfections, but overall, you're allowing users to have an Opera-looking, Maxthon3-looking, Maxthon4-looking, and even (if they really wish so, lol) a Chrome-looking Firefox experience. This is great, and it is surprising not to see a donation button anywhere (add it, will you? I really want to pay for using such good stuff).

    Looks like the only ones to add donation buttons are the unworthy, lol, paradoxical but nearly always verified by reality :))
  • Exelente tema para quem quer um designer elegante e simples!!!
  • me gusta este tema :D
  • Really lovely theme, but there is a problem with add-on bar icons, specially with "url-addon-bar":
    fix it please
    thanx :)
  • How can I make a screenshot here? And I have no contact info from you ... so I give you a possible URL here, where you can see the the Button:
    It's the smiley. With MX3, the area is just blank.
    Thank you!

    EDIT: The developer has responded very quickly, see below ... (thank you dkgo)!
    Version 7.3 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mx3/versions/
  • Kinda buggy, sometimes it shrinks the toolbar and the bookmarks menu jumps to the bottom of the window, i noticed that with all of your themes.
  • On the left corner of the upper tab bar you can see an annoying bright rectangle. I know it's nothing, but it stops me using this theme.
    This bug is not reproducable under Linux nor Windows.
    Thanks for fixing this. Have a look: http://www.wuala.com/taidoka/oeffentlich/GitHub/Bildschirmfoto_2014-10-07.png/
  • After australis i lost my love rain, roll back to waterfox, after mem issues found my new love definitely the best theme out there
    new icon pack for most used ad-dons and folders would be great
  • Quite nice. Good for users who liked the pre-Australis theme but thought it "lacked something".
  • Лучшая на мой взгляд тема для FireFox. Только вот обводочка для букмарков приторная. А так просто Супер !
  • IMHO The best theme for FF
  • I simply like this.
  • Ну так себе
  • Simply the best, thanks!
  • I love the compact tabs.

    One problem keeping it from 5 stars is that it turns Tab Mix Plus' Close Tab tab bar button (placed to the right near the window controls) invisible.
  • 不可否认,火狐目前没有一款主题有遨游这么漂亮
  • Theme is excellent. But is not able to attract new users because of the lack of preview images. Hope the developer notices this and uploads preview screenshots.