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I've just moved from China were the government helpfully protected me, my factory's human trafficked staff, my family and my thirteen domestic servants from capitalist exploiter publications like those owned by Murdoch.

I asked around in the US for something like the software the Chinese government uses which I could install and everyone just stared at me blankly or said something stupid like "Why don't you just not click on sites if you don't like the owner?". Which completely misses the point.

Now I have your extension I don't need to worry about accidentally clicking on a link to a Bullingdon clique collaborationist news source. Still I think your block list is incomplete. You block all the running dog Murdoch Media and the arthritic old dog Daily Telegraph, but there are a lot of fascist reactionary insect sites out that there that still open normally.

I'd ideally like only the following counter Imperialist sites to work -

The People's Daily in China

Juche Times in Korea, or as you call it, North Korea

The Blog of the President in Iran

Press TV in Iran (actually just let one through, your choice)

The Guardian in the UK. Though only columns by Seamus Milne and George Monbiot. No need to filter on content.

The Independent in the UK. Only Robert Fisk, except when he criticizes the current Syrian government who are fraternal brothers of China and Russia.

Russia Today in Russia, unless they mention Taiwan's Imperialist Splittist pro so called Independence forces anywhere in the article as they occasionally do.

Like I say you've made a good start blocking the crypto neo feudalist exploiter class Daily Telegraph in the UK despite its non Murdoch ownership. But a lot of other bourgeois fascist reactionary sites still open. At this point I want to push this out to PC's in my company and also install it on the machines at home, but it doesn't do the job yet.