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  • Not working at all, so bad :(

  • Not compatible even when force-installed (FF 22); freezes the program.

  • Nice addon! Would be great to see an updated version (:

  • Obviously, the developer doesn't care about updating. This USED to be a beloved add-on. Users shouldn't have to edit .xpi to use it.

  • Thanks for the original author naturally, for this really useful add-on &
    much thanks also for the tweak of chrome.manifest & icon (I didn't noticed although I added 3.6.* ) to Various Pickles and Anonymous-783748 :-D

  • It's working but you need to take your time and figure it out by yourself.

    When you'll have it installed you'll have full functionality but might not have full add-on "window settings" functionality which is: "Hide sidebar title" check boxes work ok but no "Sidebar position" to be checked-this part is all grayed.

    So to have new sidebars open: first let's say open as usual your bookmark sidebar or your History sidebar then go to the sidebar title of it which is "Bookmarks"/"History", right click and choose your new desired position for the that.

    What I did for .xpi installation:
    It is a good thing to have MR Tech Toolkit addon installed and have Override "maxVersion" compatibility checked in the .xpi installation window and try it now and later on anyway.

    1.Try to install from the NEW .xpi from http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox%203.6).xpi or http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox 3.6).xpi as mentioned by other reviews.. For me didn't work from the beginning and even with MR Tech Toolkit addon installed and Override "maxVersion" compatibility checked I've got several errors.If not try and use the Override "maxVersion" compatibility checked to install the last MultiSidebar 0.2.3 version first. Then try the above again.

    2. If not download the NEW .xpi from one link above (using other browser-i've used safari or you need to find other way to supersede the installation and directly download the .xpi on to your hard disk from one of the above links)

    3. Change the extension from .xpi to .zip and unzip the file. Name the unzip folder - "{1c70e98e-bd0d-11db-8314-0800200c9a66}" - no quotes and place it within your firefox/profiles/xxxxxxx.default/extensions folder (path may vary -check on how to find your profile-extensions folder). If you have downloaded the old version 0.2.3 and already have that file you need to replace it with the new one.

    4.If still not in your add-on list now retry direct installation from http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox%203.6).xpi or http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox 3.6).xpi. Try the Override "maxVersion" in the .xpi installation window too.


    Uninstallig AIOS add-on didn't bring back the multisidebar settings functionality. If you have AIOS first set it's sidebar position through it's own settings under General see Orientation, then arrange new sidebar positions as shown above.

  • This multisidebar add-on has been updated by ChoGGi who is an author of another Firefox add-on called Stylish-Custom here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12105/
    The new download link for the updated Multisidebar add-on is here: http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox%203.6).xpi So it is a VERY SAFE and TRUSTED download.

  • This multisidebar addon has been updated for ff3.6* here:
    http://choggi.dyndns.org/misc/multisidebar-0.2.3X(firefox 3.6).xpi
    It was updated by ChoGGi who is an author of another firefox addon called Stylish-Custom here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12105/
    So it is a VERY SAFE and TRUSTED download. A very quick and easy download with no complications or other steps to do. I am using it and it is PERFECT. Thankyou SO MUCH ChoGGi !!!!!!!!!!

  • I managed to create the new XPI-file and install Multisidebar on Firefox 3.6.3 with your method Various Pickles, but it doesn't work. When I try to right click the sidebar header to toggle the sidebar nothing happens. Also when I try to open the add-on settings all i get is a tiny, empty window. Any idea what i could have done wrong or how to make it work some other way?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks, Various Pickles, my favorite add-on is back!

  • To get it to work in 3.6.3, do the following:

    1. Download and unzip the .xpi
    2. Edit the line of install.rdf that has to have 3.6.3
    3. Make a file called "chrome.manifest" in the same folder as install.rdf with the following contents:
    content multisidebar jar:chrome/multisidebar.jar!/content/
    content multisidebar jar:chrome/multisidebar.jar!/content/ contentaccessible=yes
    overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://multisidebar/content/multisidebarOverlay.xul
    locale multisidebar en-US jar:chrome/multisidebar.jar!/locale/en-US/multisidebar/
    locale multisidebar it-IT jar:chrome/multisidebar.jar!/locale/it-IT/multisidebar/
    skin multisidebar classic/1.0 jar:chrome/multisiderbar.jar!/skin/classic/multisidebar/
    style chrome://multisidebar/content/multisidebarOverlay.xul chrome://multisidebar/skin/overlay.css
    4. Zip the contents of the folder. Rename to .xpi. Execute with Firefox.

  • Jayseae-

    can you elaborate...I'm not that savvy..got the install.rdf done, but don't know how to add a chrome.manifest or where my icons need to be moved from.

  • The plugin will work in 3.6.* - however you need to update the maxVersion in install.rdf and add a chrome.manifest (support for which was removed in 3.6). You may also want to move the icon to the root directory or add a link to the current location, or it won't show up. But other than that, it seems to work just fine. :)

  • Thankyou very much for this fantastic addon ! Very helpful and necessary. There are no problems with this addon, it functions perfect. Please Please Please update this addon Josep for 3.6.2 and all future firefox versions. Thankyou!

  • I've become rather dependent on this great add-on, which should be a standard feature of Firefox now widescreen monitors are so prevalent. Please update for Firefox 3.6.2 as soon as possible!

  • Great add-on. Please, please update it for 3.6. If the xpi is rearchived with false version limits it still fails to work, so its more than just an arbitrary version limit.

  • Will this be updated for 3.6? Great add-on by the way

  • I play a browser game and find the use of loading pages into my sidebar very helpful. But I was wondering if you could eventually develop this add-on so one could load different pages into different side bars? Love your software, keep it up. :)

  • But if the sidebar doesn't have a title screen, it's not functional. I'm hoping this add-on will age well, so it's just disabled for now.

  • after installation and several startings of firefox 3.5.5 I cannot see any effect by MulitSideba 0.2.3. Maybe it works with other systems, but not with mine. So I got rid of it again due to lack of function(s).

  • Multisidebar ist seit Firefox 3.5.1 instabil bzw ohne Funktion und Icon.
    Warte auf update, brauche Sie wieder,
    mfg Rolf

  • Multisidebar ist seit Firefox 3.5.1 instabil bzw ohne Funktion und Icon.
    Warte auf update, brauche die 2 Sidebars wieder,
    mfg Rolf

  • 17.10.09 MultiSidebar arbeitet wieder, bis jetzt sowie Minimap Icon zurück, super,hoffe auf wieterhin guten Informtionsaustausch,danke
    mfg Rolf

  • Contacted the author, and despite what the "works with" says, it is not yet compatible with Fx 3.5. He's on it, and I hope soon it can be updated. Rating based on previous experience.

  • Contacted the author, and despite what the "works with" says, it is not yet compatible with Fx 3.5. He's on it, and I hope soon it can be updated. Rating based on previous experience.

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