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  • Using it for hiding, but not for multiple rows.

    (I keep extension items, not bookmarks, in my bookmarks toolbar.)

    Waterfox 56.2.1 on FreeBSD-CURRENT.
  • Love it - dissapointed FF took it away. Let the users decide if they want it knowing it will reduce speeds.
  • I use this for years and with version 57 of firefox it is unusable !! Make an upgrade, please!
  • very disappointed it doesn't work on new Firefox quantum. guess i need to find a new browser to use.
  • Simply super add-on! I can save my favorite bookmarks newspaper and mags (about 100) in my Bookmark-Bar by simpy saving the Tag.

    Plaese, plaese make an Update for the latset Firefox-Version, I think it`s Quantum!!!!

    Best regards,

  • Ik vindt Multirouw bookmarks heel gemakkelijk werken, ik vindt het spijtig dat het niet meer werkt in de vernieuwde Firefox.
  • Very very good I am happy with this
  • Very sad it no longer exist, i am lost now because i used it since many years, it was important for me and usefull. It was the most important addon for me in firefox,
  • its make me happy when show my bookmarks in many rows.
  • We need it for F57!
  • Please, please, please bring it back! I will not allow FireFox to update on my other computer - I LOVE the multi-row toolbar!!!!!!
  • Very need this application in new Firefox 57 64bit. I not can normally work without this application.
  • Not working with Firefox Quantum. Please make it compatible, I have been working with this Addon for years!
  • It's not compatible in Firefox Quantum (v57), pls fix it ASAP.
  • i only use the bookmarks toolbar i am a older lady
  • Super!
  • doesn't work - Firefox 56.0
  • Hi!
    Any row beyond the first seems to randomly disappear, clicking on a folder brings it back.
    This 55.0.3 (x64)
  • Hi,
    With new launch of firefox, the bookmark bar dosent come up if it is set as to display only one row. In this situation, if we change option to load at bottom, then it comes up at bottom. Once we again revert it to top, then it appears at top. This is very consistent problem and need to fix the same.

    3 stars are because of this problem. Otherwise 5 stars.

  • Somebody said the bars "disappear" but that's a feature... "auto-hide", and that's disabled by default (at least in the latest release I just got).
    This addon even works on other builds of Firefox, such as Light.
    All options seem to work just fine and you are not automatically subjected to ads either, it politely asks you to confirm supporting and receiving ads or to not accept ads at all.

    Fair program and does exactly what it says and doesn't add useless additional stuff either.
    I would pick 5/5 score, but multirow doesn't work when you put the bookmark row in the tabs-area through Customization, it leaves the space of the original bookmark row there and overflow the tab-space, it also invaded the right-click menu of the bookmarks page and gives no option to remove that. (I'm a picky voter)
  • it only half works on firefox 53.0a2 (developer edition).

    any row beyond the first seems to randomly disappear, clicking on a folder brings it back.

    I assume this is because of e10s, as it doesn't happen on earlier firefox versions and the roomy bookmarks addon has this problem as well.
  • Works fine on Firefox 46.0.1
  • I doesn't work for firefox 45.0
  • Why I did not click yes to "support Multirow."

    1) Trust. Advertisers, and those pushing their ads become, if not already, corrupt when given a conduit to users' computers. "Power corrupts. Conduit to users' PCs corrupts absolutely."

    2) My next thought was that permitting such a thing will probably break my current configuration, an all too often occurrence--"Trust us. Oops. Must be your PC, etc." I then gave a glance at Firefox, and it had ALREADY happened; My settings had already been changed. [Insert game show losing sound here.]

    Sorry Charlie. I was born at night, just not last night.