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  • it's crap.
  • Good
  • It does nothing, including showing up as an option. Firefox should remove this from its site. It's worse than a waste of time.
  • Just. Does. Not. Work.

    It's an amazingly poorly written add-on where no one is able to use it properly. Not sure what are "MSI Developers" doing. For one, nothing shows up in the downloadable content list (it's always greyed out). Even when you do the stuff some enlightened person wrote in the reviews section (marking the pngs downloadable, for example), it now lists them, but still errors out and does not download them with the error "Unchecked lastError value: Error: filename must not be an absolute path" in the Browser Console. This shouldn't even be alpha.
  • It does not work. Poor tutorials and hard to find help with problems.
  • 100% Useless. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Does not work as expected.
  • Multiple File Download button doesn't show next to address bar, even after i confirmed Enable it. So how can i use this extension if it doesn't show? Please fix this because DownThemAll has not yet release Firefox Quantum version. Next to address bar only has Page Actions, Pocket & Bookmark button.
  • Totally useless, no directions or indication it is on your computer. That coupled with no response from the developer leads me to think there is something nefarious going on here.
  • not usable - the button is greyed all the time
  • kein Menüpunkt zum Verwenden des addons, nichts im Kontextmenü, sofort deinstalliert
  • Any amount of instructions/documentation would make this even barely usable.

    I have a Firefox Quantum 59.0 (64 bits) on MAC High Sierra. The button is on the menu but greyed out. Maybe because I am trying to download pdfs?

    I see no answer from the developers so maybe this is an abandoned project? If you are out there I am willing to contribute documentation if you explain how this works.
  • i can see some users say coding is needed to make this work. i dont think this is user friendly for most users.
  • this does not work at all.
    the icon is not pressable
  • It didn't do anything. Just sits there. I think its actions are suspicous.
  • As hinted at the plugin description some website developer knowledge is needed to dynamically add the 'download' attribute to anchor tags.

    Open up the browser console and enter:

    $$('a[href*=".webm"]').forEach(s => s.setAttribute('download', s.getAttribute('href')))

    Above command line will:
    - find all anchor tags on a website which contain the '.webm' extension in their 'href' attribute
    - then iterate over found anchor tags
    - and set the 'download' attribute to each anchor using the value from the 'href' attribute

    This makes the toolbar button appear everyone was searching for.
    Adjust code to your needs.
  • At least it gets intalled but it does not work the way I was expecting. I need to soqnload various links at the same time. Not video. But I can not see an option to do that.
  • Does not work for me. There is no toolbar button and I can find no way to activate the extension.
  • There is neither an icon nor a list, this extension does not work at the moment - too bad!
  • You need to
    A. Make a right click download option
    B. Make a highlight link selection option
    C. Make hyperlinks visible to the downloader
    D. Make all forms of media AS WELL AS multi page hyperthreads visible to the downloader
    As this product is, although I see potential, until these issues are addressed it is just click-bate.
    I WILL change my review to 5 stars if you can fix this add-on
  • Très pratique. J'utilise un userscript pour ajouter l'attribut "download" sur les lien d'une certaine page et je peut tout récupérer
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