9 reviews for this add-on
  • The best multicopy because suports ctrl + c and ctrl + v!! Unfortunately is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

  • I use two windows at same time but copy and paste not work at a different windows.. It only supports a single window, you will do a new update?

  • Has many essential features comparable addons don't, clear history, turn on and off etc, but only pasted the last copied thing into metapad for me. I'm sure it works and it's probably that i was using Pale Moon, or else it's for copying into other browsers, not my need.

  • Very useful! Waited for this one long time! It just has one flow: copying in one browser window and later pasting sequential in another browser window, pastes only last copied text. Is that a bug or I did something wrong?

  • Just downloaded and checked to see exactly what it does. Works great. I do wish there was a way to multiple copy from outside the browser, i.e. word processor, password software,etc., to paste into the browser, but that is probably beyond the scope of a browser addon. Thanks for this.

  • Bravo pour cette fonction de multi-copie dont l'absence rendait les citations multiples pénibles à gérer.

  • Very very usefull

  • Good job, it's basic but necessary !!
    Thank you, and keep up the good work :)

  • Not just Firefox, each app in in Windows or any OS should have this feature !
    Works great and very handy too.