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  • Please make the app available in ios, ipad app 😥😥
  • Twitterに対応してほしいです。また、Wekipediaの情報を表示させたいです。
  • Как уже писали другие пользователи...
    Добавить поиск в:
    и... ТЁМНУЮ ТЕМУ :)
  • nice idea, but you need to allow us to insert custom search engines, without this is useless to me
  • made my donation great app
  • Ótima extensão, gostei muito.

    Aconselho incluir:
    1 - pesquisador www.searx.me;
    2- baidu;
    3 - image search;
    4 - vídeo search.
    Thank you for your suggestions!
  • OK
  • Okay, but by default Yandex is off - it's not right. In addition, there is not enough opportunity to add an alternative search engine.
  • It is really a gr8 app, very much useful for research work.
  • 4
  • Amazing addon.
  • Could you please allow users to add their own search engines like dogpile peekier etc.

    Could you please add the google screenshots as an alternative below the pay service you are promoting on your addon?

    Could you check yandex ali express and and ebay they seem to constantly fail.

    Thank you
    please send all your suggestions and problems to forum:
    forums mozillaZine:


    forums mozilla-russia.org:
  • Easy to use.I like it.Thanks
  • Interessante, oferece boas opções de escolha.
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