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  • Awesome extension. I have created for myself rules to keep known abusive search engines (Hello Google!) outside of my regular browsing. Although it may not save me from "all seeing eye", I have no plans to make their lives easier))

    Also, I would be very glad if in upcoming versions you will introduce possibility to write own rules (pattern matching or something similar), since as of now I had to manually open every Google service I'm using and force it to separated container (and this is not taking in account Google's country specific TLDs).

  • Excellent user experience; excellent functionality.
  • Works better than I expected. I use it often for logging into a website using multiple accounts.
  • It would be useful to have an option to prevent other sites (than those which were assigned to the container) from opening in the container. Like the 'Facebook Container' extension does. If I click a link on facebook.com that directs to other site than facebook, it opens in default container.
  • Outstanding extension. Tools like this really put a lot of power in the hands of the user for protecting their privacy. It would be perfect if you could use it in private windows and reorder the container list too.
  • It'll be even greater if I can drag and reorder my containers
  • Really helpful especially for social media sites like Facebook or Discord
  • This is hands down one of the best browser features I've used! It helped me fully convert to using Firefox both for work and personal stuff.
  • Amazing I love this container. this is the reason I use firefox and not chrome.
  • This is a pretty great idea and the ability to partition tabs away from each other in terms of the browsing data websites can access is a great step forward into preventing online tracking and improving end user privacy.

    The container extension itself is however difficult to use, requiring you to visit websites to add them to the various containers. For example, I'd like to ensure that all my work-related tabs and websites are in the work container, however that requires me to manually visit multiple sites (there are a lot for work), rather than just having an option of adding a url with wildcards for a base-domain (ie anything with [instution].edu*)
  • It's OK and is enough to make me feel I can switch from Chrome's easy multi-profile support. But the containers add-on does not appear to sync settings via Firefox account, so that is a big pain. It also does not appear to let you select a default container for new tabs, which is frustrating. That later wish is actually the only setting I can imagine wanting to be able to set differently at home & work, so some care to be taken there. Keep working on it!