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  • The best Firefox add on ever. Use it daily for everything.
  • A must have
  • Si ce n'est pas simple d'utilisation et de compréhension, c'est que c'est inutile. Et ça m'a obligé à modifier mon mot de passe Facebook. De quoi m'agacer...
  • I really liked this extension.

    During the day, I open several tabs related to some college programming homework, and when it comes in at night, just one click to close those tabs, and the next day another click to restore them.
    I also use this extension to control multiple email accounts or even multiple Youtube channels.

    This extension is a must-have
  • mdtouha0116@paypal.com
  • Very interesting addon, however it really needs to sync as using multiple computers is a nightmare, and eventually your container information WILL be wiped out and you will have to start from scratch. This is inevitable.
  • Pretty add-on until I found out that for Google these Containers doesn't exist. Searched in another container for something very specific and got related group ads in Facebook container lateron.
  • Was great untill today, when I have lost my container tab and all my set continers are not showing when opeing a tab
  • Justo lo que necesitaba para poder brindar soporte a diferentes cuentas, gracias!
  • Nice, no other browser has this feature. And it made my life easy.
    Thanks Firefox.