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  • Awesome extension. It makes it much easier to log in to different accounts at the same time without interference, and keep websites from tracking each others.
  • really cool and helpful
  • Very nice but it is annoying to ask twice to remember the website assigned container by default. Why?
  • Great for privacy, great for multi-account access. Does what it says on the box.

    To improve:
    - Remove the "Open this site in your assigned container?" step, it's completely unnecessary. I've already said I want it, so do it.
    - Allow (specific) extensions to work across containers, because I have to re-enter my LastPass password every time I open a new container, which is annoying.
    - Ability to sync container config with Firefox account, for multi-device access.
    - Ability to edit containers more efficiently, much like one would bookmarks. I'd like to be able to copy a folder of bookmarks and paste them into a container all at once.
  • Five stars if you save the containers and config for the site on firefox account and sync...
  • Замечательный док. Счастья и процветания разработчикам!
  • This is a really great extension that makes life much easier managing multiple clients.
    What would be helpful in the future are adding key-bindings and synchronisation.
    But again, great tool that I now use everyday. Thank you!
  • Definitely an improvement to be able to separate sessions. REALLY needs keybindings to open tabs in each container. It's really painful to have to click in order to open a new tab in the container I want to open a new tab in (and locking domains to a particular container doesn't really help all that much for domains where I intentionally want to switch context).
  • This add-on is simply amazing.