#1 extension - 1st add-on in new profiles Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is my #1 extension, and the one I cannot live without. In new profiles and test profiles, MTLI is always installed FIRST before all other extensions and themes. That is because of the auto-archiving feature and because your add-on makes it much easier to install future add-ons with these two options in the File menu:

* File -> Install Extensions
* File -> Install Themes

And adding five toolbar buttons to the menu bar or toolbar:

* Open Extensions Manager
* Open Themes Manager
* Open My Config (a list of installed extensions and themes)
* Open Options Window (Tools -> Options)
* Clear Private Data

There are also some on the Tools menu.

The best feature is the archiving feature, and I will be glad when version 6 comes out and you have rebuilt and repaired that. Right now, it only works well on Firefox. It is iffy on Flock and Netscape and nonexistent on the other apps.

I will also be looking forward to seeing more accessibility features built into your extension (as ChromEdit Plus has done), so you can change font type, font size, font style, font color and background color of certain windows. That is a MUST for the visually impaired like me. Right now you cannot do this for the ChromEdit windows in MTLI, but you can do it for the MyConfig reports. If you mess up or change your mind, the reset button makes it easy to reset your style to default. Also, I hope you can restore compatibility with the ChromEdit Plus extension or incorporate its features into your own so that CEP is no longer needed.

MTLI also has several functions to make an incompatible add-on compatible, similar to Nightly Tester Tools. If you know the next version of a particular add-on will not work for you, then you can disable update checks for that add-on. You can also repair/rebuild the list of incompatible add-ons.

For some reason the import feature does not always import the settings I have exported (saved). Please look into this. Make sure that it is exporting correctly and why it's not importing correctly.

Keep up the great work, Mel. I swear one day I am going to write a users guide for MTLI, as I did for Tab Mix Plus (TMP).


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (