thx firefox-( Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm really anxious to see this add-on running well in FF4(and beta as well)This my main add-on in order to make any other add-ons run in firefox. Would like to install this without forever having to wild-card the max-version. The thing is that firefox is installed in 15 V-Box and dont know how to make vbox reach my ext-hdd so firefox would already be there for each vbox:) (and would use the same firefox for all)The bug now is that I can't even install this one even when changing the f--ck--g moz-max-sh-t date in the install-rdf. thx firefox-(

I did it:) I just found the right way to zip it back in xpi :)
Now it works, and really well. Don't know what the other are fuzzing about:/