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This has been the most invaluable of all the 40+ extensions I use in Firefox and Thunderbird. However, I recently updated Thunderbird to version 3.0 only to find that the custom window title feature of the MR Tech Toolkit extension (version 6.0.4) appears not to work any more. The custom variables I use (DefaultTitle, Version, and Profile) all show the correct values in the option window listing. However, whether I use those values or hard-wire a custom window title with no variables at all, custom titles no longer appear in Thunderbird's title bar. Only Thunderbird's default title appears. And yes, I have checked the "Use custom custom window below" option; my same exact settings work perfectly in Firefox version 3.5.6, and they also used to work fine with Thunderbird (If it makes any difference, I am still lumbering along with Windows XP.)

Has anyone else reported a similar problem, or am I doing something wrong unique to me?