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  • This is a neatly done extension.
    While searching for feed reader extensions for Firefox, I finally ended up shortlisting two - Bamboo and mPage. Both are good in its own ways, easy to your eyes and customizable.
    What is interesting in mPage is the full page layout - that is customizable to any layout the reader wants to. If you don't mind moving your head across a wide screen monitor, you can graze through all your news feeds quickly. ;)
    You can as well limit all your feeds to a single page or a blog-like layout.
    The grouping mechanism is well laid out and doesn't distract the reader.

    However, there are some serious shortcomings too for mPage ( unless I missed out any options )
    - The feeds only show the headlines (not the description). And no images/media etc.
    - No way to toggle if you've read a headline - unless you click on it, and the link turning red.
    - No option to update automatically (But I can live with that, with reloading each time)
    - Visiting a feed URL, mPage is not listed as a subscription option (Again, one can copy the URL and add manually)

    But all these aside, perhaps that's what makes it simple! 5/5 for doing justice to extension description.

    Also with a development page in Github, there is hope for feature requests. Didn't want to raise all these in Github, the developer may be well aware of all these.

    A final note to the developer. This extension seems to be in development since 2012. It's not very visible from a search.. You might need to add a few tags/keywords to let more people know.
    Regarding short descriptions - perhaps a way to go is to show description on mouse-over ? And yes, make it configurable.

    Thank you!
  • I've tried so many readers and I'm always on the look out for new ones. mPage is the best yet. It takes rss readers to the next level.

    Its design is intuitive, clean and easy to use. It has useful features and personalisation options without being cluttered and bloated.

    I really do hope development continues. And may I suggest the developer add tags so mPage can be found easily. When I do relevant searches, such as "rss reader", it does not appear in the results.
  • C'est simple, efficace et très configurable.Tout le flux RSS dans un onglet.

    Great job, keep on developing.
  • favicon is not showing but I will still give this a 5 star. this needs to go mainstream so the developer wont get bored and abandon it. share!
  • This RSS reader does exactly what I was looking for. It's something I'm seeing daily use out of, now, to catch what's new on various sites quickly and easily. It's a big help!

    It gives a display of every feed all at once on one page, and just the feed titles - exactly what I wanted in a RSS reader.
    Although you can also set it up with different pages (basically different tabs), I'm using just one.

    I'd like if it had the option to go directly to its feed from the mPage button, rather than through an entry in the button's menu. (I'm using another addon for a button to directly open mPage with one click.)

    Its sync feature works well, just one of the ways to add feeds to it. You can bookmark feeds in a folder, and set mPage to sync with that. Then, when I refresh mPage, they show up.
    It's easy to drag and drop the feeds to change their order or what column ("panel") they're in. (You can change how many columns there are, too, from 2 to 7.)
    The colors and fonts can be customized. You can turn off the display of the favicons.
    Each feed has its own setting for changing its title, and how many entries are shown under the feed. (3 on one, 5 on another, etc.)
    Mine now looks quite different from the screenshots.

    I am not sure if it only updates when I reload the page, but if so that is perfect for my use - daily or occasional checks of updates to different feeds.
  • Short annotation for entries instead of going to site?
    This kind of RSS reader is not suitable for reading entry description. One solution would be to trim description to certain number of characters, which is not perfect for me. In other words, I'm not sure about including this functionality. Maybe.
  • Thanks for this great update.
  • just wish it had opml import...
  • Waaay better than a lot of RSS addons presented. Needs some aditional features, but the interface is great - simple and good-looking. Don't stop working on it. It has a great potential!
  • I think I could really like this; it has tons of potential. Most RSS readers are way to cumbersome; I love the lay-out of this one & the features it already has.

    One thing on my wishlist - some way to delete individual stories from within each feed or to mark them as having been read.