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  • GREAT add-on!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!
  • This add-on works great for me. I get a heading and all data in the font size I specify. I can change the default five entries received to , in my case, 15. Mpage updates the RSS feeds much faster than any app I've used. I imported an OPML file and finally worked out that I had to hit the HOME button resulting in all my OPML RSS feeds appearing with all the news.
  • good too go?
  • Well, it happened. Mozilla deleted the internal XML/ Atom/ RSS reader code. Much has been said about it; it was old, only 0.1% of users were using it, and according to Mozilla itdidn't fit with work flows. Whether this all is valid/ true remains a mystery, as is Mozillas insight and knowledge of users workflow. Naturally, alternative thoughts could also be that Mozilla rather have users use its Pocket, Cliqz, Reader, and other "trackable" options. Because user data pays the bills, pesky knowledgeable users switch off telemetry, and, after all, Google and Apple also canceled it. (Hmmm, I wonder why?) Anyway, IF you're looking for a RSS experience/ solution, give this add on a try. mPage won't probably fit all your needs, or do everything you want it to. I for example loved the quick, clutter free way the old code allowed me to scan important news by going through headlines and 1st lines of flat content QUICKLY. I only looked at the RSS feed I wanted/ needed and didn't need ALL my feeds to update continuously. mPage doesn't allow me to do that work flow (sadly). It only shows article titles and no 1st body text lines. PITA, if like me, you need to scan for example FDA warnings, and news item titles are just a generic "WARNING". Also mPage does insist on loading all or nothing (I think ☺). But still, mPage does enables you to shape your own work flow, do stuff quickly, efficiently, without hassle, distraction, or excessive system loads. THX Matija for giving users this solution for Mozillas policy decision...
  • Poorly done, all you get is a list of titles, no way to preview what's inside every post in your feeds. I was looking for a replacement for "Sage", so I found a great one: "Feedbro".
  • mPage on mobile Firefox is a very fine alternative to the desktop Firefox's news readers like Feedbro. Runs nicely even on Nightly.

    Two thumbs up -and five stars to the addon author.
  • Its a very nice, clean, tiny and good reader i use since a long time.

    Is it possible to make a fix for firefox Quantum as its not possible to install it anymore...
  • I really love this add-on (see my earlier review) and use it every day. But since Firefox 55 it’s been marked as outdated… It still works, but the option preferences show unexpected behaviour when you try to change even only one of them and you can no longer change fonts. It’ll probably stop working soon (in FF 57 I think) if it’s not upgraded to the new extension system. So I really HOPE IT WILL BE UPDATED!
  • I like this a lot. Simple and effective. I would really like something similar for Firefox for Android.
  • I loved this before the ff 47.0 incongruity - now it's back!
  • Thank you very much indeed for the FUELless update to MPage. I was afraid I would have to manage without this extremely useful extension.

    Nothing else I know would allow me to see all my main news/rss feeds spread out in columns on one page, like the index in a book, with each feed having its own block, with its title, as a section header, followed by the list of single-line links to its current items/stories.

    That way, once a day, at least, I can quickly glance through all those feeds, on just that one page, to check for new items of interest. For each of those, a single click will open the appropriate page in a new, background tab, ready for me to read when I wish.

    Nothing else gives such a compact, clear and efficient index display, coupled with such quick and easy access to the indexed information.

    MPage also gives me the option of having more than one page, in the form of its own tabs, each containing sets of feeds. So I also have one page with always automatically up-to-date lists of various BBC music "podcasts" and each link there allows me to directly download a podcast.

    Another page of my "index book" lists download links for other recorded radio programmes I may want to hear and keep and a fourth page offers me an index linking to my favourite crossword puzzles.

    All that in just four easily accessible, automatically up-to-date pages.

    For me, nothings else compares and I'm very glad that now it doesn't even need FUEL :D
    Thank you happy user!
  • empty page and settings not editable

    thanks for fixxing
  • Works with Atom-Feeds and you have all Feeds on one Page!
    Läuft auch mit Atom-Feeds und man hat alle Feeds auf einer Seite!
  • In the sync tab I added connections to bookmark folders with feeds, but nothing is displayed. Is this the same problem as with other feed readers that don't display new feeds since Firefox 42?
  • @Alex Chapman

    " No way to toggle if you've read a headline - unless you click on it, and the link turning red."

    Would following be sufficient?

    Options - Misc (tab) - 'Hide Visited Links' (checkbox)
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