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  • Prism Apps built using Firefox 3.6.* [ MacOS X only ] fail to launch after installing a Firefox 3.6.* upgrade. A workaround: Build any new Prism App once with the new upgrade and Prism Apps built with older Firefox 3.6.* releases will work. This is a MacOS X specific packaging issue likely to be fixed with FireFox 3.6.4 See

    [ I know this is not the forum for bug reports, but there's no obvious link to on this page and I hate to see Prism get a bad rep on this frustrating regression. A clear link for reporting bugs with a simple gloss on the developer centric bugzilla process would help ]

  • It works for me without a problem, creating instances of websites that run just fine. However, it has problems with finding the right favicon, and it has really bad add-on support right now. It also likes to open external (or what it *thinks* are external) links in your default browser without a prompt -- it would be nice to have them open as a temporary Prism web-app.

  • This is in reply to nicktheandroid's comment. I had the same thing. When Prism updated on my computer a week or 2 ago, I was no longer able to minimize the Prism-created program windows (to the tray or anywhere else), or use the red X in the top right corner to close them. I uninstalled version 1.0b3, hit the "View All Versions" link below, and reinstalled the previous 1.0b2 version. Everything is back to normal now!
    By the way, I really LOVE this addon! I now have my Google Calendar, Google Reader, Yahoo Mail and several others in separate Prism windows and it works great!
    The only thing I'd change is when inside a Prism window, if I download something from email it goes straight to my desktop without allowing me to select my download location.
    Oh, I'd also like to see a "Print Preview" option for inside the Prism windows.
    Definitely give this addon a try - it's awesome!

  • I have been using this add-on in the past and did like it a lot but after upgrading to Firefox 3.6 I can not get it to work anymore.

  • Turns out I was using an out-dated Firefox version before.
    This works well now and if very handy.

  • I too can no longer use the minimize, maximize, or close buttons on the window of Prism apps with the latest version. I also notice that it doesn't always pick up the icon from a website ( is an example of that).
    I also can't get it to minimize to the task tray anymore. Sure the tray icon is there, but clicking it does nothing now.

  • Finally it pumps the version number to 3.6.

  • download the XPI file
    (https: / /
    rename it in "prism_for_firefox-1.0b2-fx-win.xpi.ZIP"
    unzip it
    in the new folder, edit "install.rdf" with notepad
    and replace the line 17:
    3.6 .*
    save changes
    zip files (eg in "
    rename xpi in (eg in "newversion.xpi)
    open it with firefox

  • Just go and download the stand alone version here:

    Works perfectly

  • we need it! ff 3.6

  • Another vote for 3.6 compatibility!

    I would assume people from Mozilla use this extension and would have an update for it already!

  • one more vote for ff 3.6 compatibility!

  • 3.6 plz

  • 3.6 plz

  • Prism is awesome! Please update for FF 3.6!

  • plez firefox 3.6

  • Please update for FF 3.6 soon!

  • Not compatible with Firefox 3.6

  • I love this addon. I use it a lot, and I hope Fx 3.6 support is coming soon..

  • May you update it to Firefox 3.6?

  • Its great, but instead of having to go to "Tools > Convert Website to Application", why not also have an options by right clicking.

  • To get it to work with FF3.6, you can cheat this website into thinking you use FF3.5.
    Enter "about:config" in the URL-bar, find the setting "general.useragent.extra.firefox" and change it to "Firefox/3.5". Then reload this page, the button should become availabe.
    Make sure to remember the original setting (in my case, Firefox/3.6b5) and reenter it after you've installed this extension.

  • I'm using firefox 3.5.6 on Archlinux, KDE 4.

    I can create apps but they don't work. The script cannot override my own firefox config.
    Can someone tell me how to do it?

  • Awesome one.

    However, I do like to see its so-called incompatibility with FF 3.6 being fixed because it really works.

  • Great idea but I'd like to see the ability to add selective add-ons to the "app". For example the iMacro, which I use to automate some SaaS steps.