76 reviews for this add-on
  • so bright and cute
  • 画面多而不乱,十分好。
  • ок
  • super
  • Me ha parecido un excelente navegador, me gusta que ha mejorado cada vez más la parte de la seguridad
  • 特别好
  • 很好
  • Pretty cool, but, only top of the browser is edited.
  • Great job!
    Thank you!
  • Cool
  • Good contrast, and Foxy Loxy on the prowl...
  • Pues se ve muy bien mi mi GNU/Linux
  • четкая;)
  • very cool synced to 'firefox'
  • Fits perfectly :)
  • because I love what I love!!
  • It's a great theme for Firefox. The fox in the theme represents the soul of this browser. Very light and lively!
  • That is so sick I love it!
    Cheers! :DD
  • deixará saudades...um OS deveras promissor.
  • very good at what it is
  • 很喜欢这个主题,好评。
  • i love it ..........
    thank you mozilla.......
  • Like it.