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  • bo w jednym pliku (nie dużym) można było zapisać całą stronę, wiernie i z jej adresem źródlowym, by móc przeczytać off-line: a wbrew teorii i naiwnym internautom dostyęp do www jest słaby w polsce: w górach, gdy nad morzem jest dużo luidzi, czy tak jak ja w teraz w miejscowości Mórka nad bjeziorkiem w wilekopolsce nie mam zasięgu telefonii -by zadzwonić muszę iść na górkę, a dostęp do sieci to masakra.
    Tak samo wystarczy mić włączony swój ulbiony android ;) w PKJP intercity między Wrocławiem i Katowicami: odbiera DOBRZE NA DUŻYCH STACJACH, JAK bRZEG, oPOLE, gLIWICE: ALE NIE W POLU.
    A co gdy chcę coś poczytać w samolocie???


    (It is beautiful and truly addons, we may save all page with www. adress i 1 ONE! SMALL FILE to read it later off-line. We are not always on-line (for examle Holiday!! -too much people in one place, sometimes in aeroplane, ferry etc). Is it conflict of interest?!.


    Przemysław Zdziarski

  • I love tis!
    Upgrade to Firefox Quantum please.

  • El formato .mht o .mhtml es muy útil. Prácticamente esta extensión y unMHT son lo mismo, lo bueno de esta es que permite guardar la página desde "Guardar página como...". Pero odio cuando sale el error de que no se puede guardar la página. Y necesita la opción "Guardar varias páginas como...", ahorraría mucho tiempo y es algo que sí tiene unMHT.

  • Permettait d'enregistrer efficacement et simplement non seulement une page mais aussi un ensemble d'onglets dans un seul fichier d'archive. MAF reviens vite ! : ,

  • This plugin (v4.1.4) accurately saves a webpage, doesn't matter how complex- expanded Youtube comments are still expanded when reopened, same with expanded contents on Facebook. And the rendering is exactly how it looked, much like a grabber that saves to bmp (Screengrab fix ver) except you can copy/paste text, urls, etc. The original URL is saved too and shows up as a link at the top. The MAFF can be extracted with 7zip to examine the contents in detail.

    That this is not supported at all anymore is an outrage (even read only would help). Mozilla Archive Format. Archive- as in forever available.

    Going forward, I have tried Save Page (WE) for saving new pages. It is garbage. Very slow loading, script error messages, images (most/all) not displaying. Pages rendered differently than the original. Useless.

    I tried manually converting a few MAFFs. No success. I tried auto-converting MAFFs (I have about 17 million, many created via automation of FIrefox via FF.au3) with FF v56 + MAFF 5.2.1 converter. Didn't work. Files either don't load (or load properly) or are skipped or some other error (0 byte html files).

    So I'm hoping my XP boxes continue to to work with v52 ESR after 9/5/2018 (the drop dead date). My Linux Mint VM has FIrefox that I manually make some MAFFs with. It has FF 53. And no autoupdater. I'm hoping that continues to work. The Win 7 boxes will probably break (no loss there as I rarely use them).

    If all else fails, for viewing old pages- I'll set up my XP VM with FF 52 and MAF v4.1.4. With a forced date hack if necessary. VMs give a big finger to those who wish to force there unwanted "upgrades" on folks.

  • plz provide support for new version of Firefox or Firefox based browser. I can't live without it. we are using fire fix becoz of ad-ones. I have saved many pages by this . there are many ad ones but no one like Mozilla archive format. plz do not close or shut down its development

  • why the #### did you stop developing this great extension and file format????
    Firefox quantum may be great, but it is nothing without all the extensions available to the old firefox.

  • please!! update this addon to make it compatible with firefox 57+ !!!

  • Why do you not support this miraculous created format support - everything in a file MAFF and MHT?
    So has installed to me the older Firefox 54. 0. 1 beside updated 59. 0. 2 parallell there.
    Clear, the more distended version is slower and more susceptible perhaps - nevertheless!

    Warum unterstützen Sie nicht diese wunderbare geschaffene Formatunterstützung - alles in einer Datei MAFF und MHT?
    Habe mir deswegen die ältere Firefox 54.0.1 neben den aktualisierten 59.0.2 parallell hinzu installiert.
    Klar, die aufgeblähtere Version ist langsamer und evtl. anfälliger - trotzdem!


  • Très bien faite, elle faisait ce pourquoi elle était faite...



  • Very useful addon. Need support 57+

  • Отлично было. пока была поддержка

  • "savepage WE" can also save page as one file ,
    but my saved mht file can no longer viewed with FF.
    dont want to convert

  • I am very disappointed that this possibility no longer exists to save a complete webpage in just one single file - nor joint folders that need to be kept with the file etc.

    Please find a way of reintroducing the maff-archives to FF Quantum!!

  • İ will not use and will not install on the computers/PDAs/Tablets/Smartphones of the people who needs my administrative help, as long its not possible to build the MAFF on the FF Quantum. ESR will be the alternate for the Quantum and if there is an other solution with an other browser that can read and save MAFF Files we will love to use it. I REFUSE TO USE FİREFOX QUANTUM!

    PS: İf you force the peoples to use the ESR, in the long run they will not happy with this and will require for alternates on the market.

  • please update to make it compatible for new firefox

  • I use this all the time. I have files attached to folders all over my computer. It really sucks that mozilla doesn't support this any more. I don't want the new one if this is the price

  • This is main reason I'm running firefox. I love this app, and just counted to 18462 .maff files on my laptop.
    Of course it is totally unacceptable with software changes which makes such an essential add-on incompatible.
    However, I'll continue to run firefox 56 as long as I'm here and haven't got another browser to work with the tremendously fantastic maff format. The so called MHTML or MHT is simply not an alternative. I don't like it, and there are no tools for handling it (only count free open source tools).
    So from firefox version 57 firefox is dead as long as MAFF format is not supported.

  • I have only very few addons, and 2 most important won't work in newer firefox: MHT archive format and Tab Group.

  • Of course it won't be supported, even in SeaMonkey eventually. That all could be easily obviated if the code were folded into the browser itself like it should have been ages ago. A last chance to avoid ruining absolutely everything about the best browser (SM), and the best choice of a bunch of bad browsers (FF).

  • This extension is unparalleled. Please upgrade it.

  • Это лучший плагин по сохранению страниц, в отличии от того убожества что осталось в плагинах.
    Мозилла покушать принес братишкам....

  • Si uno quiere se puede modificar el archivo.
    MAFF es formato que remplaza el mhl, y por eso lo apoyé.

    Desintalaré firefox, usaré Crome o Opera

  • Good News! The Web ScrapBook (網頁剪貼簿) extension got suppoort for MAF and MHTML formats, and this extension is compatible with Firefox Quantum. Everyone can choose it as replacement, and I hope the developer can give a hand to their developer.