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Version 7.0 35.7 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: The top level functions in bootstrap.js are now declared with var instead of const.

Version 6.9 35.7 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: The _Window.all function now uses rest parameters instead of the arguments object (for Nightly).
FIX: Anti-aliasing of CSS icons was improved.

Version 6.8 35.0 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FEATURE: An option was added to switch off limitation to available on-screen area during selection.
FEATURE: Window borders will now snap to all subdivision coordinates from all screens.
FEATURE: The menu panel can now be opened with a right click on a graphical control.
FEATURE: The toolbar panel may now be pinned (still has some placement/update bugs).
FIX: Loading of locales and style sheets is now asynchronous (async flag to "open" is now true).
FIX: Screens are now searched for in an area of 15000 x 15000 pixels.
FIX: A start-up issue due to keeping a window reference was resolved.
FIX: The doSnap function now uses getMostRecentWindow to prevent failure.
FIX: Global timers are now reused and canceled on extension shutdown.
FIX: Correctness of screen coordinates is now always asserted before snapping to regions.
FIX: The panel size is now updated when the canvas is first added to it.
FIX: Snap-to-regions was made more robust by timing a snap response only for ChromeWindow events.
FIX: The distance between regions is now neglected when subdividing entire screens.

Version 6.7 34.3 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: Functionality no more fails when the toolbar button is not visible.

Version 6.6.1-signed 33.9 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: Page zoom and window zoom are now correctly compensated when drawing page content.

Version 6.2 32.8 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

FIX: The color scheme was improved to increase the contrast on bright backgrounds.
FIX: On uninstall, extension preferences are correctly deleted again.