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  • great extension ever
  • Fantastic - really :)
  • Love this as the tab page, it's beautiful half the time.

    Hate that I can't set it to newtab ONLY; it has to be both the tab and the startup homepage.

    For fuck's sake, give us the option to disable Momentum for startup/homepage or tab however we want already
    Sorry for your inconvenience. I feel for you and as a Firefox user, I understand your issue. Thanks for raising this and we will look into adding this feature if possible.

    Thanks, Sayam, @ Momentum Dashboard
  • Doesn't work. Every time I load up a new window or new tab, I just get a blank screen.
    Sorry for your inconvenience. Please, could you make sure you are on the latest version of Firefox and try removing and installing Momentum again. Also go to about:preferences#home and make sure new tabs and new windows are set to Momentum.

    Thanks, Sayam @ Momentum Dashboard