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If the author reads this, can you add an option for changing the appearance of the bookmarks button on the navigation toolbar? It's currently a blue bookmark. I want the yellow star back, but be able to click on it and have the bookmarks menu open, not the sidebar. Like how the extension Bookmarks Menu does it, but it doesn't work with Add Bookmark Here. Thanks if you ever read this and can add that small, but useful feature! Love your theme, but it just needs a little tweak.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.6.3). 


If you had a star for the Bookmark Button, it must have come from a theme or add-on you had installed. My theme just replaces the current default icons with the icons from the original Modern theme. I haven't changed the behavior of the buttons. They work exactly they way the devs have them set up in the version of FX that you are using. I only changed the button appearance.