Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Works as intended, with the exception of a few things:

1) Will not download "entire" albums, only the first page of an album. In other words, it downloads only what photos are displayed when you click the album - the first page. First test run resulted in only ~20 images of a 49 image album being downloaded with no notice of missing pictures or an option to continue downloading sequential pages.

2) Utility doesn't appear to always work/prompt. While it displays itself on the bottom of my browser, it doesn't always allow me to download an album (doesn't give the option upon right-click). For example, if I click "Photos" at the top of the profile, the utility doesn't show it's prompt on any album.

2 stars for partial functionality, and very confusing instructions.

Thanks for your feedback, it is very helpful and kindly appreciated.
1) the addon should fetch all album's photos without asking, thus fetching 20 images instead of 49 it is a bug I have to address.
2)The second issue I think it is not a bug, the context item should appear only when you right click over an album link(be it the photo link or the text link beneath) or over the "Albums" link(not "Photos"), keep in mind that "Albums" item will dispatch a command for downloading all albums when you click it, as its text indicates.
As for the instructions I agree, they can be confusing because it is a little complex addon, even I sometimes get lost.

Doesn't Work Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Tried using this on January 14 2012 and it doesn't seem to be working. Right clicking on album links does not bring up the context menu as the instructions said it should.


I tested it right now 14 01 2012, in windows xp home edition, Firefox 9.0.1, it gave me the menu item and worked as expected. Mluschipranie menuitem will not show up if you are browsing myspace from a proxy.