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  • I have been with StumbleUpon since day one. StumbleUpon has been murdered by stupid, assholic maggots. Special place in hell for you nutsacks.
    Why are you even alive? This MIX site should die !!! The only reason there are four 5 STARS is there are only 4 employees. Their mothers, if they have any, would only give them 4, 3 or 2 STARS. It isn't bad enough we have a F*****G ignoramus destroying the Country and the rest of the world we have you nutsacks playing with your own brains and destroying something you were never smart enough to use or even understand. Probably is the same group F***ing up both.
  • "We're taking over StumbeUpon"

    Deletes the entire database compiled of millions of users over more than a decade.

    My 400+ favorited pages with hundreds of followers disappeared overnight. I'll never be able to find those pages again.

    I e-mailed support and asked if they kept anything and they replied "All of StumbleUpons data has been deleted". I asked them whats the point of "taking over" a site if you're going to delete everything?

    Their reply: "Yes, all StumbleUpon data has been completely deleted and there is no way to retrieve it."

    If I could give zero stars I would. Completely ruined a loved site for no reason. Please do not use this site.
  • Where is my old data which is on StumbleUpon... You killed stumbleupon
  • we at https://mikiguru.com have reviewed this extension and therefore rate it 5star and it is very simple to use and flexible. Thumbs up MIX
  • So.. let me get this straight, I have been working on my SU page since the beginning of SU. I made a huge database with the music i love, i gathered some people arround me, made a couple of friends, it was al good and fun until the messing arround with the interface started and with that the SU dying proces started.

    I was loyal until the end even when you removed blogging options, silencing me. But now. after you fucked up everything on SU. EVERYTHING!!. you want me to start over again and do the same shit all over again with the knowledge you took all my music and some unique connections from me. FUCK YOU. I loved SU, i truly did. but now, now i am just sad. what have you done. :(

    Uninstalling this.

    will check in again in the future when the feeling of loss is not present anymore.

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." (A.E.)
  • Hard to believe, but Mix managed to throw the SU baby out and kept the bathwater.
  • no.
  • A terrible downgrade from STU
  • You dumped Stumbleupon to invent another bookmark tab on the 21st century internet? F**k me! What a pile of dross. I was with SU from the beginning and its brief glory days as a fantastic blog/images international community platform with some of the greatest people, real friends, I've ever met online. Sadly it's been downhill all the way, starting with when they deleted all image, video content and features and returned to bare bones stumbling. But even in its final form it was pretty good and I had more than 2000 followers. All gone now, plus my content. F**k you Mix, you spineless, featureless, useless imposter. I hope you die soon. The one star is only because there's no -10 star, which is what you deserve.
  • compared to stumble upon this is a joke. barely any functionality when you first login you have to select 3 from like 15 categories with no way to change it that i have found. you cant even specify if you liked something or not.
  • F*****g awful compared to stumble upon.

    You just lost one subscriber, bunch of m****s.
  • Don't understand why close something that works! Stumbleupon was fine
    Mix has a long way to go.
  • Bad. Clumsy. Fehlerhaft. Unnötig.
  • Really miss Stumbled Upon.
  • What I loved about StumbleUpon.. Ability to Stumble through specific categories of videos. Mix doesn't have options to choose categories or mediums (blogs, photos, videos). In fact, Mix has absolutely no features at all whatsoever... It just feeds random, garbage click-bait content. That's all...

    The whole idea behind Mix seems to be saving and categorizing web sites so you can view and share them later... like... Bookmarks.. Even though Bookmarking already comes standard in every Web Browser... since like 1992... Unfortunately, even Netscape Navigator had more powerful bookmark options than this PoS...

    Why should I use this bookmarking "platform?" So you can grab all the data you can and sell it to the highest bidder? Go fund yourselves...
  • How can you even think of replace stumble with mix? Total waste of time. And mix wants to access your data???? How come??
  • Mix a solid example of the ego of some nerds. Completely pointless, utterly futile, replacement for stumbleupon, SPOS and I hope you enjoy the money burn.
  • I can describe "MIX" in two words and not only that,I believe I speak for most of the collective, when I describe Mix. "IT SUCKS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mert így döntöttem
  • Just junk. Mix has not brought me even one interesting link. This is a complete bomb in every way. It's not even that nice to use. Someone will come along that is mad enough about StumbleUpon to make something similar and the people at SU just blew it all away. They had it great and ruined it all. Congrats folks but no worry someone WILL take your place. Just to let you know there are good replacements out there too now. Just do a search for "interesting as "f word"".
  • Terrible, grauenhaft, no charme, nothing in comparison with stumbleupon
  • Really miss Stumbleupon. Thanks for replacing a great site with crap.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Should have just transferred the settings and log in from stumbleupon. Big hassle for no good reason.
  • I don't know how anyone thought this was a good idea. You didn't need to kill Stumble just to put up another unoriginal curated article site. This isn't even in the same ballpark as Stumble—huge mistake! It was one of the only reasons I use Firefox, and with it gone I don't suppose I will much anymore. Wow! Just wow...
  • Wow... Way to go StumbleUpon. You took a perfectly good browser extension and crapped it up. As a user for longer than I can remember, 6-7 years or so, I am now forced to uninstall. Damn I am so upset about this. I use this almost every weekday during my lunch break. Not any more... Take Mix and shove it up your @$$!
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