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  • This is like replacing Wikipedia with Fox News. Utter shit.
  • Yep. It's gone. Everything. SU was the perfect way to find new and relevant sites on the web. Now? Mix. Just another Facecrook. Useless...
  • Along with many other reviewers, I was a long-time StumbleUpon user with over 1200 submissions and 17k likes. It is an insult to those of us who used, enjoyed, and helped build SU to invite us to use such a meaningless and empty "replacement".
  • WTF I discovered more than 5000 website on stumbleupon, I had a whole library of humor that I will never find, everything is erased: /
    Sincerely MIX is really a daube.
    or we should be able to sync our old stumbleupon account ...
    I am really disappointed ... RIP stumbleupon
  • i wish i could give it zero stars. it sucks and offers nothing interesting. SU was soooo much better.
  • I"m not enjoying Mix as well as I did Stumble upon. I used to like the random pages I could go to with Stumble upon...this is just like an Instagram of web sites...not very original.
  • This is just boring. I prefer the madness/randomness of the previous product.
  • Stumbleupon was a portal to the most amazing websites on the planet. The folks who created MIX destroyed this. Now it's little more than a poorly contrived data collection website. Everything the user searches on is tied to other accounts like Facebook and we can only assume is being sold to the highest bidder.

    This is a great example of corporate morons who have little understanding of their market crapping on an amazing product.

    It's a shame this review section doesn't offer negative stars because what was done to the amazing Stumbleupon website is a technological crime.

    We can only hope they go bankrupt and someone restores Stumbleupon.
  • I can't even figure out how to get this to work. I was a big fan of StumbleUpon and this is NOT satisfactory.
  • This is nothing compared to the site and application they replaced, they annihilated ages of good content and finds for an interface that makes Pintrest look organized by comparison. The only difference here is that at least Pintrest has better cataloguing and searching. They could've done the smart thing and simply did a name and brand change while keeping the interface and data the same but all they did was throw a wrench in a finely tuned machine for the sake of looking "More Modern"

    If this new Mix dies, I will not waste tears nor the piss to wet down its tombstone
  • I have been with StumbleUpon since day one. StumbleUpon has been murdered by stupid, assholic maggots. Special place in hell for you nutsacks.
    Why are you even alive? This MIX site should die !!! The only reason there are four 5 STARS is there are only 4 employees. Their mothers, if they have any, would only give them 4, 3 or 2 STARS. It isn't bad enough we have a F*****G ignoramus destroying the Country and the rest of the world we have you nutsacks playing with your own brains and destroying something you were never smart enough to use or even understand. Probably is the same group F***ing up both.
  • "We're taking over StumbeUpon"

    Deletes the entire database compiled of millions of users over more than a decade.

    My 400+ favorited pages with hundreds of followers disappeared overnight. I'll never be able to find those pages again.

    I e-mailed support and asked if they kept anything and they replied "All of StumbleUpons data has been deleted". I asked them whats the point of "taking over" a site if you're going to delete everything?

    Their reply: "Yes, all StumbleUpon data has been completely deleted and there is no way to retrieve it."

    If I could give zero stars I would. Completely ruined a loved site for no reason. Please do not use this site.
  • Where is my old data which is on StumbleUpon... You killed stumbleupon
  • we at https://mikiguru.com have reviewed this extension and therefore rate it 5star and it is very simple to use and flexible. Thumbs up MIX
  • So.. let me get this straight, I have been working on my SU page since the beginning of SU. I made a huge database with the music i love, i gathered some people arround me, made a couple of friends, it was al good and fun until the messing arround with the interface started and with that the SU dying proces started.

    I was loyal until the end even when you removed blogging options, silencing me. But now. after you fucked up everything on SU. EVERYTHING!!. you want me to start over again and do the same shit all over again with the knowledge you took all my music and some unique connections from me. FUCK YOU. I loved SU, i truly did. but now, now i am just sad. what have you done. :(

    Uninstalling this.

    will check in again in the future when the feeling of loss is not present anymore.

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." (A.E.)
  • Hard to believe, but Mix managed to throw the SU baby out and kept the bathwater.
  • no.
  • A terrible downgrade from STU
  • You dumped Stumbleupon to invent another bookmark tab on the 21st century internet? F**k me! What a pile of dross. I was with SU from the beginning and its brief glory days as a fantastic blog/images international community platform with some of the greatest people, real friends, I've ever met online. Sadly it's been downhill all the way, starting with when they deleted all image, video content and features and returned to bare bones stumbling. But even in its final form it was pretty good and I had more than 2000 followers. All gone now, plus my content. F**k you Mix, you spineless, featureless, useless imposter. I hope you die soon. The one star is only because there's no -10 star, which is what you deserve.
  • compared to stumble upon this is a joke. barely any functionality when you first login you have to select 3 from like 15 categories with no way to change it that i have found. you cant even specify if you liked something or not.