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  • Completely Non-functional.
  • This extension doesn't work and the last post on the developer's tumblr was from two years ago. Don't even bother with this.
  • This extension is dead.
  • very great stuff but needs update for me firefox
  • Would be really nice to get an update for this that works on the current version of Firefox.
  • it was great, but stopped working long time ago. not working on Chrome (installed, enabled but it looks like it doesn't exist), can't even install on Firefox.
    desperatly waiting for working update
  • This doesn't seem to work anymore.-Want an addon similar to this? Use "XKit!" It's an amazing up-to-date addon, currently!
  • After almost 8 months, still no update to fix the issues with Firefox newer versions.
  • Incompatible with firefox 24. I'm upset, went through the trouble of updating and now I can't use the missing e.
  • Upgraded to FFx 22, and Missing e is dead. No mention of this on the site, which is useful, so I've no idea if they're working on an update, let alone when it will become available.
  • missing e is proken for 4+ month now and there hasn't been any info on the official website about a new release since then aswell...
  • its been 2 months and its still broken
  • Brilliantly streamlined, endlessly customisable, well integrated and extremely useful.
    Wouldn't use tumblr without it.
  • Für meine Altersklasse ist dieses Add-on nicht verwendbar, keine deutsche Anleitung vorhanden.
  • I loved this plug in but tumblr ruined it. Now I have to manually put in tags and crap, it really is such a pain in the ass.
  • We desperately need an update, as a result of Tumblr's recent UI changes.
  • Very, very useful and helpful for all Tumblr users. Missing E enables you to make the most out of Tumblr - you can shuffle your queue, add tags to asks, and set defaults for tags, etc. to make posting, tagging, replying, and asking much easier. I recently uninstalled Missing E and it goes without saying that it was very inconvenient - I had to go back and edit published asks to tag the user who asked me the question, publishing submitted posts was inefficient since the publish option wasn't next to the 'submit' button as Missing E changes it to, and sending asks required that I actually went to someone's ask page instead of being able to open a pop-up box from the dashboard quickly. Additionally, one of the best features of Missing E, in my opinion, is the quick reblog option. You can simply hover over the reblog button and can type the tags and caption there from your dashboard without being re-directed, you can change which blog the post is published on, and you can save the post as a draft or put it in your queue immediately; all without the hassle of having to open new tabs or being required to load a new page. Missing E also updates frequently to work well with Tumblr's current layout/interface, so it is constantly improving and becoming more and more helpful to all users of Tumblr.
  • Tumblr users very best friend. Fully customisable, everything on your blogging wishlist is here.

    I've never had any of the issues cited in Tumblrs warning notice, and i don't know of anyone who has.
  • it makes my tumblr life so much easier. i'm so glad that i found out about it. very very useful.
  • a necessity.
  • appears to have a bug as of late. the chrome extension seems to have fixed it. waiting for the ff update. this extension is great, hope it gets updated soon to fix that reblogging bug which forces you to reblog manually.

    Developer response

    It has not been reviewed yet for automatic update, but you can get the current version from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/missing-e/versions/
  • This extension is the best thing that's happened to Tumblr. The only sad part is Tumblr's staff refuse to see this and instead run a untruthful fear campaign.

    These are the features Tumblr should be adding. If there's any feature you don't like there's a indepth options page that lets you control practically everything about the extension.
  • Makes Tumblr a much better site. A must have for any avid Tumblr user.
  • pretty good addon. I have only one issue. How do I get rid of the Missing-e icon from the status bar? I tried the customize thing, dragged it out. but It keeps reappearing. after FF restart!!!

    Developer response

    A little while ago, I added an option in the settings page to allow you to permanently hide the widget in the add-on bar.
  • Best addon I ever had(after Firebug, but this don't apply to everyone). Fuck Tumblr for wanting to block it.
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