The Best Of It's Kind Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This was the second add-on of this kind I've used but is, by far, the one that does the best job.

Thanks to Minimize Addon-Bar, the add-on bar doesn't occupy more space than it has to and one has the ability to minimize to the size of a small button it when it's not needed. It support both current add-on items and old status bar items, although the latter support needs to be enabled in the options.

It also integrates Download Statusbar leaving it on the left side of the screen, and resizes it according to the amount of current downloads.

The find text bar also gets stylized nicely. It gets placed above the add-on bar, but separated from it and with a really nice look.

The only issue I have with Minimize Addon-Bar is that it ignores the scroll bars and covers them.