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  • Mind the Time 0.4.0 is available on "See complete version history" page. Nice extension. Thanks Paul (the Author).
  • Thanks for v.0.2! Now it's perfect )
  • it has the same issue as the leechblock which is not counting the time when watching full screen youtube videos otherwhise its great addon for overview of your time spend on web.
  • After trying several other more sophisticated time mgt add-ons (Timespent and RescueTime), I am finding this simple tool keeps me most inline when online.

    It took two weeks of getting used to returning to the Mind the Time summary page (kept open as a tab) when coming and going from my computer or from the internet. I am a Windows user, and yes, it kept counting when I closed my laptop with browser open and came back to 6 hours of gmail time logged! This was annoying at first, but going to the summary page came to be a good habit of actually bringing mindfulness to my browsing, ritualizing the opening and closing of my internet time.

    The add-on is an accurate account of my cumulative time. If I bounce around a lot between sites, it will list that site as "visited" and tally those seconds into minutes over the course of the day. In that way, it reflects, at the end of the day, how I used my time. Whereas Leechbloch keeps me away from time-sink internet sites in a healthy way, Mind the Time keeps me more alert while on the internet and gives me the feedback I need for guiding my choices.. With the two of them in tandem, I am getting where I ultimately want to be: conscious, making clear choices about my time, in the moment.