167 reviews
  • this extension work out-of-the-box. this will measure exactly how much time you spent on the f*ckin boring facebook web page and those other bullsh*t page :) thanks in advanced!
  • Thank Paul, I works awsomely!
  • Reliable tracking and beautiful, simple summaries
  • Very useful time tracking app!
  • Absolutely awesome. Also gives statistics about past weeks and day. Great tool.
  • It's very useful add-on :D, i would like new function where i can entry a list of domains on which work this addon any time when open thoese sites because i anytime forget start video mode on youtube
  • It's perfect to REALLY realize how much time you spend on the web.
  • Would be great to be able to change the date format to DD/MM/YY.
  • Worked great for 3 or 4 months then decided to quit, probably because it's not updated to work with newer versions of Firefox. Now its just a pretty much blank screen when I open the settings. Really wanted this extension to work :/

    So much for minding the time
  • I've just installed this addon, but it doesn't work (running Firefox 63). A shame, because it was exactly what I was looking for.
    Currently, the toolbar button flashes for like 1/10th of a second when loading each page and is disabled right after. Clicking on it when it's lighted up still gives access to the summary, which shows no time has been counted whatsoever.
  • Stop working a couple of days ago. But in general it was very good.