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  • парни,это панацея!
  • "This extension (Midnight Lizard) is slowing down the tab, would you like to stop it" error pops up. It slows down all webpages I visit drastically. This should be fixed.
    If you see this message on some heavy websites you can switch Midnight Lizard to the Simplified mode which works much faster. Also it is possible to turn it off for that particular website.
    I'm making it better every version and in the next one I have some optimizations as well.
  • Best Dark theme for firefox!
    Yes i tried them all.
    This is the best.
  • good
  • My Firefox experiences is slower but its worth it.
  • great addon than dark reader.
  • very nice
  • Love it! Just what I was looking for to avoid killing my eyes!
  • 会使页面加载速度减慢,出现无响应,但夜间模式的效果非常好,背景和文字配色都很顺眼。
  • VERY GOOD WORK, i very like it. thanks to the developers for the work, they made a really good job
  • 网页加载速度大大变慢