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  • Please hurry up and get this updated for the latest Firefox.
  • Saves screen space a lot! Great!
  • was the best theme ever, enabling everything to see in one screen and preventing every timesink. I will miss it forever.
  • I'm using this addon for years, I even can't count how many, maybe ten or so. All the Australis passed by me unnoticed, because of MicroFox. I'm disappointed to hear that addon will be discontinued, due to FF changes. It is very compact and familiar theme.
    But, nevertheless, thank you for creating and maintaining this pretty theme for Firefox.
  • In FF for Mac, icons in address bar are displaced, some don't show at all, and any attempt to customise the address bar freezes FF. In FF for Windows, bookmarks toolbar is replaced by FF tips bar and I can't see a way to change it back.
  • Nice small theme!
    But does not allow to customize buttons!
    Do you have instructions for userchrome.css to remove reload and stop button? I would give 5 stars for it.
  • It's a very good theme, I like how much vertical space it leaves for the page and how it very clearly divides any page's content from firefox' chrome.
    The only thing I dislike are the scrollbars (I prefer the greyscale, chunky classic windows ones), but I don't mind changing them every release.
  • Actually firefox load fast on this theme, no lagging after installing 8bit graphic theme. thanks
  • I love both these "small" themes and hope to see them updated for Firefox 55 and later. Alfred??

    Developer response

    Do "Check for Updates" in addons manager to get it.
  • The real estate saved on my screen and the number of bookmark icons acroos the bar makes this my fav. I want to contribute $ but the tab won't seem to link me to Paypal
  • Great Addon but Last Version (3.10.1) breaks FireFtp interface
  • Great little themes (Microfox, LittleFox, Nautilus). Thanks a lot!
    Bug report: OS X, it is no longer possible to costumize the position of icons in adressbar. With Windows and Linux there are no problems.
  • Economiza um baita espaço na tela e ainda deixa o FF com um estilo retrô :)
  • love it
  • I do like this theme a lot. Just one little problem - when the connection is insecure there is missing the advanced button in the dialog for it.
  • That's what I was looking for. Thank you :)
  • Hello,
    I'm offering small fixes for your skin:

    * fix tab border for MicroFox for Firefox them
    * and Classic Them Restorer (tab not on top)
    * https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/microfox-for-firefox/
    * tested on Firefox 38 ESR and Windows 7 (classic windows them)

    @namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);

    #TabsToolbar #tabbrowser-tabs tab.tabbrowser-tab
    border: 1px black outset !important;

    2./* hide useless identity label (show when you press on button) */
    @namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);

    #identity-icon-country-label {
    display:none !important;

    Please, fix bugs:
    1. size of reload button with Classic Them Restorer (NOT urlbar button, I mean separate button).
    2. useless margin and padding of urlbar (in top and bottom)

    Also, I'm offering use style for increase font of urlbar and searchbar


    bug 3:

    When you press on search field and use scroll down, then you may see scrollable navigation bar. :)
    (with Classic Them Restorer - small them mode, look Customize)
    see navbar top http://imgur.com/yKCFncK


    bug 4:

    See Stylish icon on screen above.
  • Awesome Addon! I have been using it since it was littlefox. I love the screen "real estate" it saves you. For someone with good vision that can see the small browser interface it makes browsing a real treat. I hate to use the comment as a reply forum but to add to the top two comments: I am also experiencing issues with it under 10 however between the aerosnap feature in windows, minimizing with the taskbar, and using the "x" on the tabs you can still use microfox, it does not break the browser. Also the button Lunique was referring to was the little blue button directly to the left of (or slightly on top of in 10) the minimize button. Thank you for scripting and supporting such an AMAZING theme!

    Developer response

    Version 3.0 with support for Windows 10 has been uploaded.
    It will take probably a couple of days before addons.mozilla.org has reviewed it and published it.

    Greetings, Alfred
  • Unfortunately close/minimize/maximize buttons are now dead. I checked, this causes MicroFox. Please, can you fix it? I can't live without this addon :)

    Developer response

    Windows 10 is not yet supported.
    Note that current version of FF also doesn't support Win10 well.

    I am working on Win10 support and it will be great!
  • Love it! but would be nice if you could add an option to hide the "list all tabs" button because the tweaks to do this don't work with this design
    Sorry can't find an answer button it's this one http://oi58.tinypic.com/2ef11fq.jpg I only want minimize/maximize/close buttons

    Developer response

    Which button is this precisly?
  • First of all, I really like the aesthetic you've applied here. It's retro-ey, but in a way that's still modernish and relevant. It's also easy to see that this theme makes an appreciably significant number of modifications under the hood to achieve its visual effect. I like :D


    It took a bit for me to track this down :) but I've discovered MicroFox is seems to be breaking a small RES feature: "Show Unread Count in Favicon".

    If I do *either* of the following:

    - Use another theme (like the default theme)
    - Disable this feature in RES (with MicroFox loaded)

    ...then my Reddit tabs have favicons in them.

    If I don't do either then Reddit tabs have NO favicon.

    This is actually not a problem for me since I don't use this feature, but I thought I'd mention it.
    I'm not sure whether I should be poking RES or MicroFox, but themes *do* tend to do interesting things to Firefox's XUL, so... =P
  • I just replaced LittleFox with this Micro and it is great. It has rectangular tabs and the latest FF update isn't giving it problems. Bravo!
    And thank you for the LF update!

    Developer response

    LittleFox has been fixed. install version to have the fix.
  • Excellent add-on, and very useful with netbooks and tablets.

    Would ask for an option to further alter layout, with options..

    Alter toolbar size so can make further tweaks for smaller screen's.
  • This theme is still very good in terms of the number of bookmarks I can have at the bookmark menu bar, nothing can beat it. I am now using the 2.0.21 and the tab highlight colour is still wrong, i.e. dark when active when it should be the other way. There is one another bug, when my mouse pointer is over the add bookmark icon and the previous loaded page icon at the navigation bar, it changes from the arrow pointer to text entry pointer. I think Firefox version 24 makes Microfox behave differently.
  • I used LittleFox before - but I have been using MicroFox for long time because I didn't find LittleFox when setting up plugins after new Linux install - don't know if LittleFox exists no more or why I didn't find it.

    Anyway, I've been happy with both... No problems whatsoever, except possibly with CoolPreviews, which I disabled for other reasons, but it didn't manage to show anything but mess when trying to show the stack menu - it might be the theme or it might as well be the plugin (tabmix?) that I use to get tab bar split in separate vertical lines...

    No problems with the theme, unless the CoolPreviews malfunction is because of the theme, but I'd bet against it. Very good one for maximizing view area...
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